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24 Mar

Reece had a very nice 2nd Easter. After church, we ate brunch as a family. Later in the day we had friends over for supper and she got to play with Ella and Reed. In her Easter basket she found plastic eggs which she insisted were “balls,” just as she insists that every animal is a dog right now. Although the weather here was quite cold, she was still able to wear her Easter dress. Our friend commented that she looked like a “Southern Belle.” I’m not bias or anything, but she did look really sweet. 🙂


Another Friday night outing…

22 Mar

…and another introduction to sugar. This time it was pure sugar. Scott emptied a packet of sugar on the table, licked his finger, dipped it, and let Miss Reece have a taste. She then dipped her finger into the sugar and licked it. She did this over and over until Daddy swept the sugar off the table. I guess he remembered last Friday night. 🙂

This girl is definitely gonna have a sweet tooth!

Gettin’ Spoiled

21 Mar

I haven’t blogged in a while because Reece and I were too busy getting spoiled in Odessa this week – in more ways than one. Scott was out of town all week (poor thing forgot to pack socks, so he wore the same ones for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT! Did it ever occur to him to go to Wal Mart – apparently not). Anyway, because he was going to be gone so long, and because Reece and I didn’t have anything going all week, we loaded up and went to Odessa. These are ways we were spoiled:

1. I got to eat at a lot of my favorite Odessa restaurants (Rosa’s – it’s better in Odessa, I swear; The Barn Door, Texas Burger, Johnny’s BBQ, and Jumburrito to name a few). While I love my mom’s cooking, I’ve been missing these places. Besides, she was too busy with Reece to cook. Anyway, it’s fun eating out, especially when there are a host of people ready to entertain Reece and help cut up her food. This brings me to my next point…

2. Granny and Granddad cut up Reece’s food. They also bathed her, rocked her, entertained her, changed poopy diapers (they were happy to do so), and gave in to her constant demand to be held at the back door so she could see the dogs.

3. Speaking of dogs, Rocky Road was constantly entertained by my brother’s dog, Meta. They played until they were exhausted. Landry slept with both dogs at night, made sure they were fed, and took them both to work with him. Thanks Landry!

4. I got a back & foot rub each night from my dad. It was like the good ol’ days when I was playing soccer in high school and my dad would rub my sore muscles. These days, I just have sore muscles from being a mommy, but the rubs work just the same! It also reminded me of how much I miss it…unfortunately Scott gets bored with rubbing my back after 30 seconds. Thanks, Dad!

5. To top that off, my mom and I went for pedicures this morning before I left. It was such a wonderful treat!

6. We shopped all day on Wednesday, and Mom wouldn’t let me buy a thing! Thanks, Mom for all the wonderful things, and for being you!

7. Reece got a fun new wagon from her Grandma & Grandpa (Scott’s parents), which will be a nice change from the stroller this spring!

7. Even though I had cleaned out their pocketbooks with all the shopping and eating out, my mom and dad still sent me home with money (Dad helped me get a good start on my next tip jar) and a full tank of gas!

The best part of the trip was spending time with my family and getting to see my Granny, whom I adore (I also got to partake in her infamous vegetable soup – yum!). I also got to see my Mamaw, several aunts, cousin Shannon, the Daniels girls, and a new addition to our family – Jada Bell. Reece got to spend time with both sets of grandparents. We were sad to leave, but home is a nice place too, especially since Scott arrived shortly after we did. Hopefully I’ll make the transition back to reality as smoothly as possible.

Blue Powerade = Green Poop

16 Mar

Our family outing Friday night consisted of a trip to Buns Over Texas, a great burger place where we can buy one burger and get one free. Because of this great bargain, there’s usually lots of elderly people there, but on this particular Friday night it had a nice family atmosphere. We were enjoying ourselves, and Reece seemed quite content in her highchair (despite only taking one hour-long nap during the day), so we sat there visiting a little bit after we ate. Reece’s sippy cup of milk became empty after a while and Scott volunteered to take it to the front and fill it with water. When she starting drinking again, I could see through the straw that she was drinking a blue liquid. “What’s in there?” I asked Scott. He excitedly exclaimed, “Mountain Blast Powerade.” “Hmmm, ” I thought. You see, Reece pretty much gets milk or water at all times. Occasionally I’ll give her some juice, but I’m very picky about the kind I’ll give her, and it’s usually diluted with some water (or fresh-squeezed with my Jack LaLanne power juicer – FUN!). On rare occasions, she’s had tea (Granny), ginger ale (Granddad), and even Diet Coke (Aunt Kathleen). I thought I’d let this one go since Scott was being so helpful. After all, it was a Friday, so she can indulge a little, right? She really, REALLY liked the Powerade. In fact, she chugged it in about two minutes. Then, she burped and slimy blue Powerade went all over her white shirt. Time to go. In the car on the way home, Reece was excitedly blowing her lips like a motorboat. This continued for the duration of the trip. By this time it was 8:00, and Scott said, “Reece, for this being your bedtime, you sure don’t seem tired.” Remember, she had only slept one hour during the day, so normally she would be very fussy. “She must be on a sugar-high,” I said. Scott thought for a moment and asked, “Would it have been better if I put half water and half lemonade in her cup?” While I was thinking, “All water would have been great,” I said, “Even the Powerade would have been better with half water. Did you fill that cup up with Powerade?” “Yes,” Scott said. We got home and I rocked her until she finally showed some signs of drowsiness, then I put her down. I promptly took the bleach pen to her shirt and put it in the washer to soak. I thought our Powerade experience was over.

Wrong. This morning she woke up so fussy. Usually she’s in a pretty good mood in the morning. Not this morning. I changed her diaper (her very mushy diaper – sorry), and it was LIME GREEN! I couldn’t think of a single thing she had eaten the previous day that would cause such a bright color. Scott walked in at that time and said, “Oh, that’s just the Powerade.” I guess he knows since he loves drinking blue drinks too.

I think this incident is worth a couple of bucks in the tip cup…$1 for the scrubbing of the shirt and $1 for the mushy diaper. What do you think?

No more Powerade for The Reecer!

Prayer Request

11 Mar

Please pray for our sweet nephew, Luke, who is 2 years old. He’ll have a root canal Tuesday morning to repair a tooth that cracked into several fragments after he took a spill off a tricycle this past weekend. Please pray that he responds to the anesthesia well, and that no complications will arise.

Update: The dentist was unable to save his tooth, and she pulled it. It looks like he’ll have a hockey-player smile for a while. He’ll get a fake tooth when his 2 year molars come in so he won’t have any speech problems. He’s one tough cookie though – his nerves were exposed all weekend and it didn’t seem to bother him too bad. There were also several loose teeth after he crashed the tricycle, but those seem to be firming back into place. Thanks for the prayers!!!


10 Mar

I’ve been excited to tell y’all about my new find…the change counter. Our grocery store has one, and I had been eying it for a while since I filled up a large Rudy’s BBQ cup with change, mostly from Scott’s pockets. I finally got to experience this change counter the other day when I remembered to take my clean, dry change (a requirement by the machine) to my weekly grocery trip. It was really easy – you simply dump all your change into the “money pit” and watch the machine count it. Finally, the machine stops and prints out a ticket to take to customer service and redeem for cash-o-la. I really had no idea how much money there was in that cup (I thought about counting it before I took it, but who has time for that?). I’ll just tell you what a large Rudy’s BBQ cup worth of change – a good mix of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters – gets you…62 DOLLARS!! Whoo-hoo! Now $62 may not sound worth the trouble to some of you, but to this stay-at-home mom it’s like winning the lottery!!! I do need to mention that in order for the machine to profit, it keeps a small percentage, but who cares? I just WON $62, and it’s all mine (hey, if I’m the one who cleans out Scott’s pockets I should reap the benefit of doing so, right?)!

I have started a new cup, by the way (this one’s from Dickey’s…we like BBQ). On this one, I wrote “TIPS” real big so that maybe my hard-working husband will feel compelled to show his housewife how much he appreciates her. Yes, money does the trick. In fact, if you’re at our house and want to contribute, go ahead. The tip jar sits atop the dryer waiting to fill up! 🙂


Give this girl a boa.

6 Mar

In January, my mom, Reece, and I went to Indiana to visit my brother and his family. They have 4 kids. While we were there, Reece picked up on a few things the kids were doing, like what my mom and I call “pillow diving.” My sweet niece, Anna Elizabeth, and nephew, Luke, would pile up a bunch of pillows, then run and dive into them. Reece saw this and started crawling as fast as she could to that stack of pillows, then threw herself down on top of them. She still does this at home and really enjoys it. Reece also must have been watching Anna Elizabeth dress up, because while we were there she found Anna’s pink, fuzzy scarf and began wrapping it around her neck. Well, since we’ve been home, just about everything in our house that’s long and flexible gets thrown over Reece’s head and around her shoulders. She literally takes both hands, ducks her head, and jerks whatever it is around her neck. This includes, but isn’t limited to: the cord to my Chi (no, it wasn’t hot), ribbon, my tape measure, and exercise bands. As you can imagine, her new habit causes me to be a little on edge at times.