Had to share…

23 Apr

…because this has been cracking us up for a while now. Scott likes to check our blog stats, you know, to see how cool we are. I really don’t know how we measure up because I don’t know how many hits other blogs get, but I know we’re not near as cool as Matt C because he mentioned once that he gets like a billion hits on his. Anyway, the stats just let us know how many hits we get in a day and what links are used to get to our blog. So, remember when I wrote about Reece’s bright green poop after Scott so proudly gave her blue Mountain Blast Powerade? Ha – we’re getting all kinds of views from people using search engines to look up “green poop.” I mean, at least one every day. So Scott googled “powerade and green poop,” and our blog entry about Reece comes up second on the list (I’m not sure why anyone would really google that, but whatever). Anyhow, our claim to fame is GREEN POOP! Couldn’t be more proud.

This also makes me realize there are more people like Scott Riddle out there who plug in a symptom on a search engine to diagnose themselves with various, crazy diseases. I thought my Scott was the only one.


2 Responses to “Had to share…”

  1. kaleesha April 24, 2008 at 9:38 pm #

    That is hilarious!!! And just so you know, I like to check our stats too – Scott isn’t the only one who needs validation. : )

  2. Tara April 29, 2008 at 3:39 am #

    just wanted to let you know i was helping your blog hits go up! haha…
    and good job on the emerald colored stool. i am proud as well.

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