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26 Jun

Is Reece really at the age where she lets me know which shoes she wants to wear? Here’s our conversation before running to Target:

Mommy: Reece, let’s put on your shoes.

Reece: (goes and gets her pink jellies)

Mommy: No, let’s put on your green sandals. They match better. (Mommy is thinking about how they’re also easier to put on while she puts them to Reece’s feet.)

Reece: Ehhhhhhhhhhh! (grabs pink jellies and puts them to her feet.)


By the way, she got her way…it was just easier.

I should also mention that she said, “Hi Dada” when he got home this evening. First two-word sentence!!



24 Jun


This is a link to pictures of the beautiful, healthy baby girl I’m carrying. That’s right, Reece is going to have a little sister! We’re so excited about another sweet little girl coming into our family. While I’m not familiar with the whole sister-sister dynamic (I grew up with two brothers), I’m so excited Reece will have a live-in friend and I’m praying they’ll be the best of friends from the get-go. Scott has said all along that it would be wonderful to have children of the same gender because of the closeness they’ll have!

I’m so glad God gave me an extra week to wonder what we’ll be having. Up until last week I thought Reece would have a little brother to run around with. However, He has really made me think about how special another little girl will be, and this entire week I’ve been thinking about what this little girl will be like and how I’d love to have another. Scott and I have had a name picked for our baby girl for some time now, and I’m so happy we can now call our precious one “Rynn.”

The blessings just keep pouring in!


20 Jun

For those of you who don’t know, I have a little business called titibaby designs in which I make fun baby stuff. I’ve finally set up something online for people to look at, and I’ve included a link on the right (under blogroll). Check it out!


18 Jun

These three have been together since they were born, and they are each separated by two months (starting with Ella, then Reece, then Reed). Here’s a pic of them taken last spring (oldest to youngest):

And here is one taken last week. Our babies have grown!!! (I love how Ella is slouched over, bored with picture taking.)

Here’s a close-up of the blue crayon Reece took to her shirt. Picture her walking in circles around our 10-top table at the restaurant, all the while coloring on the front of her shirt and her bottom:

Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun

Reece was so excited to tell her Dad and Granddad “Happy Father’s Day” that she woke up at 3am to do so. Granddad was in town (while Granny is in Indiana with their other grandchildren) and rocked her for a while, but then I went and got the girl and put her in bed with us after still hearing her on the monitor after an hour. She proceeded to kick her Daddy (and me) the rest of the night in an effort to get comfortable. Finally, at 6:30, she turned on the clock radio and started dancing and clapping. I let Daddy sleep and we went in the living room and watched some Veggie Tales (the only form of “church” we got for the day). So our day has been long, but I’m so happy to have had my husband and Dad here for Father’s Day. Here are some pics (from my new camera…yeah!):

Daddy and (a squirmy) Reece

Granddad and Reece

Daddy swinging Reece

Reece takes after her Mama in that she loves both these men very much. In fact, she’s well on her way to being a big ol’ Daddy’s girl just like me. Things Reece loves about her Daddy include:

  • when he takes her outside to swing, ride in the wagon, or just to survey the yard
  • when he turns into the ‘Kiss Monster!’
  • when he comes home from work – it’s a big production at our house. Mama says, “Daddy’s home!” and Rocky Road and Reece race to the door to greet him. Reece can’t get there fast enough.
  • when he sings “Who’s the Baby that I See?” to her (it’s a Scott Riddle original)
  • when he lets her feed him
  • the list goes on…
I think he’s pretty swell too. I have to admit I was a little concerned about his involvement when he insisted he’d never change a diaper while I was pregnant with Reece. Turns out his daughter softened him quite a bit! And even though he kept forgetting I was pregnant with this baby early on (glad I started showing!), and even though he forgot about our ultrasound, I’m sure this next baby will love him just as much as The Reecer does! 🙂

VBS & Baby #2

14 Jun


We survived!!! Why is it that 3 hours a day for one week can wear a person (and a little person too) out so much? Reece is taking a nap right now, and if I hadn’t put off all the sewing I need to do all week I’d be right there with her. We did have a blast though. Reece would have been the only walker in the baby class, so she was bumped up to the class full of two year old boys (and only one other girl). After being quite the friendly little girl and kissing all the boys on Monday, she finished the week out by shoving kids who took things from her. So let me ask…is it wrong to rather have my little girl be mean to boys than kissy? She learned so much from the big kids too. One of her teachers said it’s almost like she just figured out she’s big and can do all kinds of things.

As for me, my week with 3 year olds has been delightful. I worked with my friend Christa, and together we laughed at all the funny things they do and say. Each day, right before their parents came, we would go over our Bible story one last time. You know, so they’d remember what they learned when their parents asked. 🙂 Glad I did one day in particular. Our lesson was on Jesus as a healer and how he restored the vision of Bartimaeus. I told them how Jesus is the Great Physician and that He is healer of even our smallest boo-boos. During our refresher, I asked the children what Jesus does. One girl raised her hand and said, “He’s blind!”

Now I’m so glad I waited until July for Reece’s swim lessons. Had I signed up for the other session I had considered, we’d be at the pool every morning for the next two weeks. I think we’re both looking forward to a break!

Baby #2 (along with a little husband-bashing)

Our ultrasound was scheduled for Monday, the 16th. I mentioned to Baby Daddy this week that I may have to get a sitter because the appointment was scheduled right in the middle of Reece’s nap. He replied with, “Oh, I’m going to Borger on Monday for an appointment there.” “Wonderful,” I thought, “especially since I reminded you three months ago to put this appointment on your calendar.” Anyway, due to the doctor going out of town and then a nurse being out, leaving them short-staffed for a few days, I had to delay our appointment for a week. So we’ll have to wait an additional 7 days to see our baby, make sure things are progressing well, and to find out what we’ll be having!!! I guess I should be thankful that my Baby Daddy wants to be at these appointments with me…just looking on the bright side.