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They’re Ba-ack!

17 Sep

Here are some things I used during my pregnancy with Reece that I’ve really been trying to hold off on this time, except that I really need them. For the next 41 days (according to my ticker on the right), these three things will be a permanent fixture on my bed or on my belly:

Maternity sleep pillow – Scott calls it the “candy cane”… I guess it’s kinda like a candy cane…with two hooks. Yes, it’s big and bulky and I knocked some things off my bedside table with it the first night I used it again.

The ottoman – Scott calls it the “armoire” because he gets those two words mixed up – to help me climb into my ridiculously tall bed. This is so Scott doesn’t have to give me a boost and give himself a hernia.

Maternity support belt – not sure Scott has a name for this one…probably because he knows there’s a fine line and when he sees me strapping this under my belly he doesn’t want to risk crossing that line. This is really the one thing I didn’t want to pull out this pregnancy. I used this when I was preggo with Reece and working on my feet all day. Well, I work on my feet all day now too, so it’s back. My doctor said I should use it again when I told her about the TREMENDOUS pressure I’m feeling. I ignored her advice for a couple of weeks, but now it’s back.

So these are my pals for the next 6 weeks. Other than the tremendous pressure I mentioned, things are going well. Rynn moves almost constantly it seems, and I think I’m pretty prepared if she happens to come early (do you sense a little bit of wishful thinking there?). Stay tuned!!!


Pee-ewww Skunkaroo!

5 Sep

Much of the excitement this week was centered around our other child (our first child), Rocky Road. With dove season having opened Monday, she’s in the midst of her favorite time of year. Just ask Rocky, “Where them birds,” and she jumps with excitement and looks around for the prize. She points at birds all year long and loves to fetch them for her master (and for other guys too when her master isn’t shooting as many as she’d like). Monday started off well for Rocky, but Scott and the guys decided to move on to a different field that may produce more opportunity for our little fetcher. The next field was great and the dove were flying. But where was Rocky Road? Seems she abandoned her bird for a possible friend, a friend who was black and white and kinda stinky. Being a Labrador, Rocky loves making new friends! But the so-called friend wasn’t interested in friendship with Rocky and sprayed her with a green stench right in the face!

Scott describes the next several minutes as “scary,” telling me he thought she may die right there in the field. Rocky did her best to rub off the smell and seemed to do some kind of “reverse sneezing” to get the smell out of her nose. This pretty much cut short Scott’s hunt for the day and he brought home a stinky, stinky lab. Not wanting to go outside and smell her, I had to make excuses each time Reece wanted to go outside and play. Scott went to Petsmart to look for a product that would help the stench a little, and it turns out they offer a “de-skunk cleaning.” A few hours and $50 later, we have a shiny, stinky lab. Actually, the cleaning helped tremendously, but she still stinks.

Rocky was nearly due for her next rabies vaccination, so I took her to the vet first thing Wednesday morning (not exactly what I wanted to due on Reece’s first day of PDO). So now we have a shiny, rabies-free, stinky lab. Scott and I actually thought the smell was getting a little better and we started letting her come back in the house…until today when Scott walked in for lunch and said the house reeks of skunk. Needless to say, Rocky is back outside. Tomorrow we have to travel with her in the car. Please pray for us. 🙂

By the way, Reece doesn’t seem to mind Rocky’s odor (I guess Reece can relate at times). I found Reece hanging out with Rocky under the bed this morning.