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As my dad would say…

31 Mar

…what a “beautiful mess!”  As promised, a 5-month photo of our Rynn.


Reece update:  Please say a prayer…her recovery is a much slower process than we anticipated.


Tonsil Day, Miss 5 Months

28 Mar

Today (actually yesterday at this point) was Tonsil Day for The Reecer…the day we’ve been building up in Reece’s mind for nearly a month now.  She has known she’d have her tonsils taken out, and she knows her doctor’s name too.  “Dr. Potocki (she says his name like a champ) take my tonsils out.”  These words have been repeated numerous times throughout the last three weeks.  The other day, Rynn stuck her hand in Reece’s mouth and Reece said, “Oh!  Rynn took my tonsils out!”  Granny and Granddad bought her a doctor’s kit as a pre-surgery gift, and she has checked her babies’ tonsils several times.  So she’s known all about tonsils and this day we speak of (probably spoken about more to prepare the two of us than to prepare Reecer).  So how did this big day play out for our Reece?

As for her tonsils, the doctor said they were quite big for her throat and reassured us that it’s best we had them removed.  The day has been full of ups and downs…I told Kaleesha that it’s so horrible to see your child high on Versed, then 20 minutes later see her as miserable as she was when we first walked into her recovery room (they warned us, but I still took it hard).  The “downs” are the obvious feelings of pain for our child as we watch her suffer, plus the worry we have over her not getting enough fluids.  The “ups” are numerous though…at the surgery center she won the hearts of the staff, taking home not one, but THREE stuffed animals.  They were all really great to our Reecer and for that we are thankful.  My mom was able to stay at our house with Rynn and take good care of her and have lunch ready for us when we got home…so wonderful (especially considering Scott and I fasted right along with Reece).  The absolute most wonderful and super-sweet thing?  Watching Reece (who really hasn’t had a whole lot of smiles to give since her surgery) light up with Rynn this evening.  Reece wanted to sit next to Rynn most of the evening.  Rynn shows Reece her love by putting her wet, slobbery hands on Reece’s face, giving her big smiles, squealing, and giving “kisses” on Reece’s forehead…all of which made Reece smile over and over.  Reece loves her sister and I love that.  Reece even told us in recovery, “I love Rynn.”  Sweet sisters.

Let’s not forget that sweet sister of Reece’s…she’s 5 months old today!!  I’ll post a picture soon.  At 5 months, Rynn loves to smile and squeal!  She splashes like a mad woman in the bath, and I swear I saw her try to get up on all fours the other day.  We can’t feed her cereal to her fast enough, and she has recently begun sticking her tongue out…a lot!  She’s a sweet, sweet girl.  And she loves her sister as much as her sister loves her.  I’m loving this sister-sister bonding!

More on Reece’s recovery soon.  Thanks for your prayers!

So much to blog!!!

26 Mar

I’m just gonna go in chronological order here…

Life father, like daughter

img_2947Actually, she began using the newspaper as blankets for all her babies.


img_2954Baby girl took advantage of her big sister’s naptime and played in Reece’s swing.

Adorable, isn’t she?

img_2955Yes, the raincoat and my tennis shoes look fab on her, but look at the PIGTAILS!!!!!  Whoo-hoo!

Potty Training

img_2959She shows all the signs of readiness, except for one…she can’t sit still to save her life!  I was lucky to get this picture.

Tummy sleeper

img_2969She now rolls over to sleep on her tummy.  Why does this make me feel like she’s a BIG-GIRL?!

Ady Day

Reece’s good pal came over and spent the day with us.  The two of them had so much fun!!

img_29711snack time

img_2982supposed to be eating lunch…coloring on the floor instead

3 kids under 2 1/2 wasn’t all that bad (luckily, at least one was sleeping most of the time).  There was one chaotic moment when all three were awake…Ady, who is pretty well potty trained, was going potty before nap time.  Reece had given her stage fright all morning long by jumping around and getting in her face each time she sat on the potty, so I think by this time Ady really needed to go!  I sat the potty chair in the hallway, and told Ady to sit there a while to see if anything comes out.  Meanwhile, I notice Miss Rynn has a stinky diaper and I begin changing what turns out to be a blowout.  I can see the potty chair and Ady from the changing table.  As I’m cleaning Rynn, I hear Ady say, “I poo-poo.”  Before I can say anything, Reece has poor Ady’s knees spread open to see for herself.  Reece begins gleefully screaming, “Ady poo-poo’d, Ady poo-poo’d!” as I begin screaming back (still changing Rynn and can’t put her legs down or there’s poo-poo all over the changing table), “Reece, get away from the potty!  Now, Reece!  Get away from the potty!”  I finally get Rynn cleaned up and begin to clean Ady.  I look over at Reece and see that she has her head nearly inside the potty seat checking out the evidence once more.  Again, I go into panic mode and begin shouting at Reece to “GET AWAY FROM THE POTTY!!!”  Luckily, Reece hears my pleas and we avoid a disaster.  Whew.

First storytime

img_2998Rynn loved the book at first…

img_3002…but then she couldn’t take her eyes off of Daddy!

“Mommy, I want to pump.”

Those are the words I kept hearing as I was getting Rynn dressed in my bedroom.  When I walked in my bathroom, Reece was on my stool, trying to attach the tubing to my breast pump onto her nipple.



My older child would cry and say in her best whiney voice, “Messy!,” but Rynn loves a mess.

img_3007The picture doesn’t quite do her mess justice.  All the shiney areas (mouth, hands, arms, legs) are covered with oatmeal.  When you have a child who loves putting her hands in her mouth as much as ours does, you have a child who somehow gets oatmeal ALL OVER HER!

The End.

Please pray for Reece…..her tosillectomy is Friday!!

elf yourself

20 Mar


I just discovered e.l.f. makeup.  Actually, I’ve known of its existence for a while, but I finally purchased some of their products and I’m really pleased!!  The best part?  Everything (besides a few makeup kits and bath products) is $1.00!  How marvelous!!  You can actually purchase mascara, bronzer, brow pencils, even accessories such as tweezers & shine erasers each for one buck!  Check it out:

I waited to order anything until I got an email from them (I’ve been on their list for a while now) that included a $2 shipping promotion.  My shipment came earlier this week and so far all the products I’ve used are great!

I’m gonna file this under “fun finds” with the hope of finding more good, affordable things to let the blog world know about.

Loving me a bargain!!!

Teeth, Tonsils, Toes, and more…

7 Mar

We’ve had a busy week!

On Monday Reece had her first visit to the dentist.  I told her we’d be going to the teeth doctor, so she named our dentist “Dr. Teeth.”  Dr. Teeth specializes in pediatric dentistry, and he has a really cool office, complete with a puppet show stage, lego table, big TV with cartoons, and very colorful rooms (ours was a jungle theme).  Dr. Teeth wanted to see how Reece brushes her teeth.  Under such pressure, she simply refused.  The nurse even tried a bribe…”You can pick from a ring or bracelet when you’re finished.”  It finally took me forcing the toothbrush into her mouth for her to open up to the dentist and nurse.  I’m thinking the toothpaste they provided must have tasted pretty good, because she let me brush her teeth much longer than she allows at home, then she brushed a little bit, then Dr. Teeth used the toothbrush to count her teeth.  She was a champ.  Dr. Teeth said, “Good job, Reece; you’re all done!,” to which she replied, “I want my ring.”  At the front desk while I was paying out, Reece won the hearts of all the workers.  She managed to take home not only a ring with lip gloss (“yip goss”) in it, but a bracelet as well.  And when the nurses were oowing and awwing over baby sister, Reece said, “That’s Rynn.  She needs a bwacep (bracelet) too.”  That girl!

We also had a visit to the ear, nose, and throat doctor this week.  Our pediatrician had told us a couple of weeks ago that Reece’s tonsils are touching and need to come out, especially since she’s snoring at night (causing sleep apnea).  The ENT agreed.  She’ll have a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy in 3 weeks.   While Scott and I hate the thought of Reece being “put under” and going through any pain, we’re really looking forward to the results and hope this will allow her to sleep better and breath better.

On a much lighter note, Rynn learned a new trick this week…a toe touch!  Okay, so it’s not the cheerleader kind of toe touch…it’s actually much cuter!!!  Proof is in photo #1 below.

Photo #2 stems from Reece’s newest obsession…diapers.  EVERYthing must have a diaper – Bear, all dolls, stuffed animals – I’ve even found her sippy cup wrapped in a diaper.  And yet I was still shocked when I stepped out of the room for one second and came back to find this… (I love how Rynn is completely oblivious).