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30 May

One long title for one long post.

Seven and Sitting

Rynn is seven months old!  She just starting sitting up, but she has already been scooting for a couple of weeks and now she’s rocking back and forth on her knees, ready to crawl (so not fair in my book…why couldn’t I have a sweet, immobile sitter for just a while? 🙂 ).


Sweet thing!

See the brown spit up?  That would be the prunes she eats because of her constipation.  Feeding an already-spitty baby prunes makes for some frustrating clothing changes, laundry pile-ups, and carpet shampooings.

Rynn is still the happiest baby in the world, despite her stomach issues.  She is starting to show her personality more and more.

When we dedicated Rynn at church a few weeks ago, we were asked to provide a statement on what makes our child special.  I said, “She’s the happiest baby in the world, of course. ”  My friend Robin replied, “That’s taken already.”  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Someone thinks their baby is the happiest?!  Instead of sitting the two babies in a room together to have a happy-baby competition, I told Robin how special a relationship Reece and Rynn already have.

Fast forward to the evening of the dedication and, low and behold, we were seated next to the couple who supposedly have the happiest baby.  I joked with the mom about having to think of something else that makes my child unique since they had claimed the happiest baby.  Enter Rynn Alise, who smiled at this mom the entire service and squealed with delight throughout the sermon.  Midway through the service the mom leaned over to me and said, “You really may have the happiest baby.” 


I refrained from lifting my knee, pumping my arm, and shouting, “We won, we won!”  After all, the preacher was in the middle of giving a sermon on raising our children in a God-centered home and I didn’t think it would be appropriate.

Seriously though, she is the happiest baby!

Special Visitor


It’s Ella!

These two girls had a great time playing together.  As Reece would say, “Two gulls hanging out!”

Sweet Treats

While Emily and Ella were here, we took a trip to the local cupcake shop (amazing stuff, by the way!).  Here are two “gulls” hanging out there:

IMG_3265 IMG_3266

Reece eats a cupcake like the icing is ice cream…she licks it up.  She also thinks the cake is a cookie.  So funny.

Speaking of cupcakes…


Couldn’t you just eat her up?!

A few days later we were getting ice cream.  On the side of the building there’s a painted chocolate ice cream cone, so Reece told me she wanted a “bown” one.  What was I thinking?!


And the car seat spectator again…


Sweet Board

In an effort to cut down on fit throwing, meltdowns, clawing, hitting, stomping, biting, and screaming when Reece doesn’t get her way, we created a “sweet board.”  Reece can pick out a sticker to put on it when she’s good during certain times of the day.

IMG_3269 IMG_3270

I’ll let you know how it turns out. 🙂

Swimming & Sliding

First swim of the year came Memorial Day when we enjoyed a lazy day hanging out in our backyard.


I’m excited to report that our “water weenie” from last year now loves the water and has enjoyed playing in her pool several days now.


She even likes sliding into the water, and sometimes does her slide “tricks” (backward, no hands, eyes closed) into the water.



I told y’all she’s happy.

Sunshiny Days

IMG_3311not so sure about the poky green stuff


Reece’s hair is always crazy like this.  She’s boycotting pigtails (probably because she knows how much I love them), and she tries to eat hair clips.  This is the result.

Scrumptious Snack


I don’t think this is the apple that was left outside before lunch and that Reece resumed eating that afternoon, but I could be wrong.

We’re thrilled summer is here.  We spend most of our days outside (the house has stayed clean this past week!), and we’re already falling into the bad habit of letting Reece stay up late.  It’s just so hard to put her in bed when the evenings are so nice here (plus she takes a really good nap the following day).  We have lots of fun stuff planned, so we should have lots to write about, along with a few pictures!


Another Reeceism

21 May

This conversation took place in my bathroom while I was getting ready.  Reece took down three candles I have on the side of my bathtub and was apparently pretending they were her children.

“Do you understand me?  Say ‘yes ma’am.'”

She says this over and over and then places one inside the shower and closed the door.  I ask, “Reece what’s the candle doing inside the shower?”

“He’s in time-out.  He just hit me.”

Speaking to the candle:  “No hitting, no biting.  Bad candle.”

“Mommy, I spank de candle.”

Isn’t it so sad that Reece has gone from diapering her babies and loving on them to disciplining anything she can get her hands on?

These are a few of my favorite things…

11 May

…about being a mommy:

1.  hugs with tiny little arms and hands wrapped around my neck

2.  picnics in the park

3.  getting super-excited over seeing an animal (including the Chick-fil-A mascot) on the side of a road because I know my daughter is going to be 100x more excited

4.  having a happy, happy, happy baby

5.  seeing my two girls interact with each other

6.  seeing my husband interact with my two girls

7.  getting to be silly

8.  hearing my daughter ask, “Can I wead you a book, Mommy?”

9.  the rare moments that my toddler and squirmy baby let me cuddle them

10.  cutting Reece’s sandwich into shapes

11. getting so excited in the morning when my girls wake up…you’d think I haven’t seen them for a week

12.  the way Rynn follows me all the way around a room with her eyes

13.  getting a good belly laugh from both of them

14.  when Rynn blows through her lips while eating (messy but too cute!)

15.  watching Reece through the video monitor (when she’s supposed to be sleeping) and seeing all the silly things she does

16.  being amazed over and over at how much my toddler is learning

17.  watching Reece practice the “I love you” sign, then seeing her big smile when she shows me she got it

18.  hearing all the funny interpretations Reece has on certain events/conversations

19.  the way Rynn smiles with her eyes

20.  watching the girls when they’re first exposed to something new

21.  the conversations I now have with my toddler (which does include a lot of negotiating, by the way 🙂 )

22.  the independent characteristic of my firstborn

23.  how my daughters teach me

24.  knowing that small gestures go a looooong way for a toddler and baby

25.  one-on-one time spent with each girl

26.  the way I can sorta understand the relationship of our God with each of us, just by being a parent…and realizing the magnitude of His sacrifice

27.  things coming full circle right before my eyes

28.  umm, coloring!!

29.  getting to teach my toddler

30.  getting to dance right smack in the middle of the day

31.  reading children’s books…they are some of the best books out there!

32.  Reece’s pronunciation of words (i.e. “goomers” for “bloomers”)

Some joys of mommyhood aren’t directly linked to my girls.  For example:

33.  date nights with my hubby…now they aren’t taken for granted so much

34.  girls’ nights  with fellow mommies…there’s just a bond that moms have with one another and so many friendships begin with that

35.  nap time when the house is quiet…allowing reflection and refreshing to take place

Being a Mommy has always been my biggest dream, but I had no idea just how fantastic it would be!

Happy Mommy’s Day to all moms, grandmoms, soon to-be moms, and those who are trying to be a mom.

IMG_3226And thanks to my girls who have made me a Mom!

Reeceisms 2

6 May

Nurse: How old are you now, Reece?


Well, she sometimes acts like she’s six anyway…I know she could give her six-year-old cousin Anna E a run for her money in the drama category!

Today Reece tried her hand at getting me to let her take her nap on the couch.  After we cleaned up from lunch I told her to pick out a book.  “Read dis book on de couch, Mommy.” I comply and sit on the couch while she lays her head down on the pillow.  “Lay down on de couch, Mommy.” She’s SO demanding! I lean back and start to read.  “Lay down wis you feet, Mommy.” I lay down beside her and put my feet up, which gets lots of giggles from Reece.  “Two gulls juss hanging out.” (Apparently she didn’t count Rynn, whom I was holding.)  Unfortunately, I knew Reece would not sleep on the couch, so she was forced to go to her room.  She cried, “I don’t yike my bed” several times, then ran out of her room and hid inside the dining room blinds.  Luckily, her giggles gave her hiding place away (she was probably laughing at how silly Mommy looked while looking for her).  I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her eyes through the slits in the blinds, but then had to switch back to stern-mode since I had lots to do and really needed her nap today (which turned out to be a good one by the way). 🙂


5 May

What’s a momma to do when we’re out of ice cream cones and her little girl really wants ice cream but prefers insists she lick it up?

Get creative.





In case you’re wondering, it was homemade buttered-pecan.

You and me going fishin in the…

2 May

…playa lake (it’s a fancy name for a duck pond for all you Odessans)

First though; how it all started…Scott went fishing off the coast a couple of weekends ago with several buddies.

img_1931-2It’s a big ‘un (25″ and 12 lbs to be exact).

Reece just insisted that she go fishing with Daddy, even as we were dropping him off at the airport.  He was trying to tell her “bye” as she was stating over and over, “I go fissing wis Daddy.”

Well, she didn’t get to go down to the Gulf, but Daddy did take her to Gander Mountain the following weekend and let her pick out a fishing pole.  She picked the Barbie one, and she and her Daddy have been to the playa lake that’s down the road several times to put it to use.

Rynn and I took a stroll to check out the new fisher-girl one afternoon while they were out there (it’s literally two blocks away).  As we approached the pond I could see Reece perched on Scott’s camo hunting stool with her pole in front of her and her eyes fixed on the water.  I was very impressed.  However, when she saw Rynn and me coming down the path she got a little excited and by the time we reached the water Reece had her line wrapped around anything and everything in a 10 foot radius.  Oops.

img_3184(If you took the grass and the houses out of the picture , it would almost look like you’re at the beach.  Almost.)

While I was down there, Reece gave up on fishing and took to collecting rocks…so the friends who were meeting us at the park to watch her fish instead found Scott and me each with a pole, casting out and reeling in while our child ran around in the field behind us.  I was actually having a really pleasant time (remembering the olden days when Scott and I would sit together on the lake – a real lake – and fish) until all of I sudden I heard, “Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!  I duck!  I duck!”  Reece’s foot was stuck in the mud.  The drama that ensued caused us to pack up the gear and call it a day.

The next day Scott and Reece went back out, but I refrained from going (since I’m such a distraction and all).  I did send Scott out with the camera though.

img_3207Without the “distraction” she did much better and even kept her eyes on the bobber as Scott instructed.  She has learned to reel in her line too.

Seems this is a new “daddy-daughter date,” as they’ve been out several times together now.  Maybe they’ll catch a fish one day. 🙂  When they do, I’m sure Reece’s reaction will be a very blog worthy moment.