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R-E-‘anuder’ E-C-E

14 Nov

“Wait, Mom.  I have to write my name,” is what Reece said when I asked her to finish coloring so we could go to Cubbies the other night.  I looked down and….

…she was seriously writing her name!!

I can’t decide if I like the ‘R’ the best, or if it’s the ‘E’ where she went crazy on the horizontal lines (the ‘C’ on the middle row is mine…I showed her where it belonged after she left it out that time, but I think she really had a backward C and connected the last E to it).

So. stinkin. cute.




3 Nov

You know those years when you worry your kids won’t get enough wear out of their costumes to justify the time and/or money put into them?  This was not one of those years for us.  Since this is the year of the owl (for Rynn at least), I decided to go ahead and make her an owl for Halloween too.  I begged and pleaded with Reece to puh-lease be another woodland friend, but what girl wants to be a chipmunk or a squirrel, even if they are friends of Snow White?  Not. Reece.  I’m not sure we ever really decided what Reece was.

First, we visited the Pumpkin Patch with Southcrest MOPS friends (a tradition for three years now)…

Hoot, hoot!

Reece was a “pink tinkerbelle.”  According to her.

We then dressed up for the girls’ Spooktacular Awards at gymnastics.

Reece got the Spooktacular Award for the “Best Sit Down Jump.”

By now Reece had agreed to wear a “forrest pixie” costume (whatever that is), but insisted it was a forrest tinkerbelle.  At least it’s a step closer to being a woodland friend, right?  She wouldn’t wear the tulle skirt or wings because they were “too babyish” (too babyish…really?!), so I jazzed it up a bit by gluing some leaves on a headband to match the leaves on the dress.

Next came the infamous Tricycle Parade at the girls’ KDO…

Rynn was timid entering the gym, but as soon as she saw Scott and me she excitedly drove around and even attempted to pop a few wheelies with her truck.

When Reece’s class entered she cracked us up by continuously veering off the path after being distracted by the other costumes.

They then dressed up for Cubbies and Puggles, but no pics were taken.

Then came Rynn’s costume party/play date and you’ve seen the pics from that.

Next we went to the story hour at Barnes and Noble where it was costume day with…

Olivia!  Ummm, Olivia minus the ears, that is.

Finally, it’s Halloween!

A few friends came over for some trick-or-treating.

In the end Reece was a “forrest tinkerbelle light shiner.”  ???

Can I get another “hoot, hoot?!”

This is the house where they stood and yelled, “TRICK OR TREAT” a million times until Mr. Steve came to the door.  We didn’t realize we’d have to teach them to knock or ring the doorbell. 🙂

Rynn is totally not going to let the big girls leave her behind, even with a banged up knee.  She is carrying la-la though.  And she’s already eating candy.  🙂

This may be the house where Reece kept her finger on the bell while Avery continuously banged, and while all four yelled, “Trick or Treat” at the top of their lungs.  They only look sweet. 🙂

Next stop was the assisted living facility where Avery’s great-grandmother lives.  The residents had a ball handing out candy!  (Yikes, don’t look too closely at Rynn…I’m lethal with the red-eye fixer.  How do I fix that?!)

We ended the night by going to a church near our home that had lots of fun activities for preschoolers, then by trick-or-treating at the Voss house where the newest little pumpkin in the patch, Allie, lives.

Here are some more Halloween-related pics…

We had fun being crafty with paint + feet…

…then with paint + pumpkins!

We moved the party indoors where there was less wind…

…and we finished our fabulous pumpkin fun day!


Hoot, hoot!

Whoooo’s having a birthday party?

2 Nov


It’s Rynn Alise!

Between Rynn’s play date party, family BBQ party, and Halloween, we had a very festive weekend!

Rynn had some fellow two-year olds over one morning for a costume party/play date to celebrate her birthday.  We had so much fun playing in the play room, jumping in the bounce house, and watching the “balloon lady” make balloon animals (and much more!) for the party goers.


The birthday girl got a special hula monkey that was big enough to eat her! 🙂

Over the weekend we celebrated with family and enjoyed some of Daddy’s roadside chicken and sausage, Momma’s beans and spaghetti salad, cupcakes, and homemade buttered pecan ice cream.  We had a blast jumping in the bounce house some more and watching Rynn tear through gifts like a pro.

Reece helping to frost cupcakes and decorate them on sister’s special day.

Reece’s gift to little sis…a latch puzzle (that comes with a free demo)

Rynn loved ALL of her gifts, but our photographer (and Granny) got some good pics of Rynn with her new crawling baby…

Just look at the love she has in her eyes.

Rynn getting ready to blow out her candles (she did it!)

A closer look at Rynn’s birthday plate…

Happy Birthday to you, Rynn!

My baby!

2 Nov

Reece asked me the other day if Rynn is still a baby.  “Well, technically she’s not anymore, but she’s kinda still a baby to me,” was my answer.  Reece just smiled.  Poor thing had no choice but to become a big girl when her baby sister came along just four months shy of her second birthday.  But Rynn…well, she’s my baby!!


She loves to keep up with big sis and all the things she’s into…

…she’s SO funny…

…she’s LOVES food (especially sweets :))…

…and she REALLY loves her big sis!

Our big girl baby is 24 pounds, putting her in the 20th percentile for weight (she’s come a long way from the 0.75 percentile!!) and 34 inches tall, which is in the 80th percentile.  She LOVES her lovey, aka “la-la” and still finds comfort in sucking those middle two fingers.  In fact, the lovey and finger sucking usually go hand in hand…if she’s playing and finds her la-la on the floor, she sticks her fingers in her mouth.  So funny.

When I say she loves to eat, I mean SHE LOVES TO EAT.  She has a hearty appetite that she gets from her momma.  She usually out-eats her big sis each meal (I ordered the three of us a 12 pack of nuggets at Chick-fil-A the other day and she ate 6 of them!!!).

Her personality is so sweet, cute, and funny all at the same time.  She’s pretty laid back, even in the beginning stages of the ‘terrible twos.’  She’s still quite a momma’s girl, but that’s ok ’cause she’s my baby, remember?!

We are SO extremely blessed by our sweet Rynn Alise and can’t imagine life before she came along.  Here’s the link to the “Welcome Home Rynn” post in October ’08



January ’09…when she found those fingers

Rynn is one!

Rynn at one year.

Sweet, sweet baby.