8th Day of Christmas

18 Dec

I need to preface this post by saying this “little” project is kicking my butt!  I should have added a few more ‘Christmas movie watching’ activities in our countdown chain. 😉

Anyway, we have 7 days till Christmas and we’re on our 8th day of countdown.  Picture me singing (very chipperly), “On the 8th day of Christmas, the Riddle fam-i-ly did this…”

First, the cheese logs needed to be MADE (see, this is what I mean by the seemingly simple task being quite complex)!  Sooooo, let me introduce you to the Riddle Cheese Log Factory:

24 bars of cream cheese, a huge bag of cheddar, 12 packets of Ranch, and several dashes of liquid smoke will yield…
…12 huge cheese balls, which will then be split into three logs and rolled in pecans to make…
…36 cheese logs!!!  Put ’em with some Ritz and they’re ready to go!  Here are the girls, bundled up and ready to go out and make our deliveries.
Reece kept telling our neighbors, “We’re delivering cheese logs and staying up LATE!”
Speaking of Reece, our aspiring ballerina had her debut recital last night.  She had a ball, and even though she was distracted by the audience on several occasions, she really did great. 🙂  The picture quality is bad, but I do have to share…
(She’s in the middle, sitting in her place and waiting to begin.)
(Front row, third from the left.  I’m not sure if she’s the only one on task or the only one not on task. :))
Because of a series of events, starting with me getting approximately 2.5 hours of sleep the night before (Scott didn’t get much more, and neither did Reece), we were running late to the recital; and although I thought about flowers for our ballerina, I decided to forgo the gesture and hope all the other parents forgot too.  No such luck.  The first thing out of Reece’s mouth when I found her class after they danced was, “I didn’t get flowers.”  Ugh!  Bad mom!! I then flat out lied to her and told her only the girls who have been doing this for two years get flowers. Really bad mom! She then proceeded to tell everyone we spoke with about how girls who are in dance two years get flowers.  Hanging-my-head style bad mom!
Sweet Daddy took Reece with him to pick up a few Christmas gifts (and gave strict orders to Reece to not tell me what was bought, by the way), and picked up some flowers for her.  He said she was the happiest girls he has ever seen as she walked out of the market with a bouquet of flowers. That makes this bad mom smile. 🙂
Back to last night…we went out to Vintage after the recital and enjoyed the cool air, some (fake) snow, Christmas music, and a horse drawn carriage ride.
Reece & Daddy on the carriage ride
Mommy & Rynn (taken by Reece with her mad camera skills)
Happy 8th Day of Christmas to you!!  (Oh, and I’m so glad tomorrow’s activity is part of church. :))

One Response to “8th Day of Christmas”

  1. Kaleesha December 22, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

    Oh, I’m so glad I checked back. I loved this 8th day of Christmas. I only wish I had seen the recital in person and could sit down to snack on a cheese log with the Riddles. Love you all!

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