On the 4th Day of Christmas…

22 Dec

…with 3 more days to go, we had a blast going to the Tech basketball game with G-pa, G-ma, and aunts, uncles, and cousins from the Riddle side.  Reece and Rynn kept G-pa busy by insisting they sit with him .  I’m not sure he was able to watch any of the game at all. 🙂

We followed it up at bedtime by reading out of Luke 2.  Daddy documented it, just for the sake of the blog.

Reece loves hearing the story of Christ’s birth.  Rynn was a little disappointed there weren’t pictures. 🙂

Here’s a good shot of Rynn attacking her big sis for sitting on her new bed.  There’s nothing like trying to read quite possibly the sweetest Bible story ever while being interrupted by screeches of anger and wails of pain. 🙂

3 more days, y’all!


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