The Next Few Days of Christmas

22 Dec

One of my favorite things we do in the preschool department is have a birthday party for Jesus.  Preschoolers love birthday parties so much, so what better way to turn the focus of Christmas back to Christ’s birth than with a party for Him!!  Our friend who came and made balloon animals at Rynn’s birthday came to the church and told the story of that sweet night in Bethlehem while designing a manger with hay and baby Jesus to go inside.  The kids loved it!  They then went to their individual classrooms to decorate cookies and sing Happy Birthday.

Reece is holding the elf balloon that each child received from “the balloon lady.”

Later that evening, after Scott mowed the yard and turned on the sprinklers, Reece came running out into the garage with her swimsuit on.  She hadn’t seen a sprinkler in several months and just had to get a little taste of summer…

Now, it wasn’t freezing, but it also wasn’t all that warm.  Nothing could stop that girl though as she ran around for several minutes singing/yelling, “Happy birthday to Jesus, the Son of God!”  Then she went inside for a nice, warm bath. 🙂

On the next day of Christmas (I’ve lost count), we had planned…

…and we really did, but I didn’t take a single picture.  We had a great time hanging out with friends.

We also delivered our cookies to the assisted living facility that sits right behind our house.  In doing so, we found a friend!  Ms. Roan showed us around the facility and her lovely suite.  We’re glad we’ve made friends with someone there!

Reece LOVES to take pictures!!

Then on the next day of Christmas…

…we didn’t do a single thing that was on our paper chain.  Instead, we had a friend over and played, delivered more cheeselogs, enjoyed the warm weather outside, spoke about the wisemen who came to see Jesus, and tried once again (as we do every few months) to have Rynn sleep on the trundle bed instead of her crib.  It was a nightmare getting them stay on their own beds and go to sleep, but in the end Rynn slept on the trundle and Reece slept in her bed (until 5am, that is).  The verdict is still out on whether we’ll make that a permanent sleeping arrangement.  We’re tired! 🙂

Y’all have a great day and stay warm!  I have to figure out what our special activity will be this evening!! 🙂


One Response to “The Next Few Days of Christmas”

  1. Kaleesha December 22, 2010 at 6:24 pm #

    A birthday party for Jesus sounds like wonderful fun. I love Reece’s smile with the elf balloon! And running through the sprinkler in December??? That is a memory worth making…even if it gets your teeth to chattering. 🙂 Tell Miss Rynn she looks like a perfect little “Mary” rocking that sweet baby. How precious!

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