Sad Day

27 Dec

Please join with me in praying for the family of Brie Gomez.  Her family is living out what is my worst nightmare…losing someone they love at such a young age.  The Gomez family was involved in head-on collision last night while traveling home to Amarillo from Dalhart where they were celebrating Christmas.  Brie suffered a life-ending head injury, but she held on long enough for doctors to deliver the baby boy with whom she was 7 1/2 months pregnant.  Her husband, Eric, and their two girls Mali (6 years) and Eleri (nearly 2) were treated and released, with Eleri having suffered a fractured leg.

Brie and I knew each other more through mutual friends more than anything, but became closer as we kept up with each other’s blogs and on facebook.  I received a lot of positive encouragement from her when it came to parenting our strong-willed first borns.  Last time I saw her in person, just a couple of weeks ago, we laughed about our girls and I told her I expect her to let me know any tricks/ideas she has for each age since her strong-willed child is older.  We agreed that one day their stubbornness will be a gift.  🙂

Brie did a fantastic job of documenting her days on her blog and I hope one day her girls and little boy will find comfort in her words.  I’m so thankful they were able to spend some quality family time together last week with a trip to Disney World.  What a wonderful memory to leave her girls with.

Most importantly, she is a true bride of Christ and displayed this daily.  The love she has for The Lord cannot be doubted.  She was a faithful servant and gave glory to Him in all circumstances.  The last blog post she wrote, on the very day of her tragic accident, is truly a product of Brie allowing God to use her as a vessel.  So inspiring.

Please pray an overwhelming blanket of peace will lay over the Gomez and White families.  Pray for Eric as he grieves and transitions to the role of Single Dad.  Pray for their girls who loved their momma so, and especially for Mali, who is at an age where she will feel pain that is way too real.  Pray she will continue to love and praise Jesus through this.  Pray for their newborn baby boy, Curran Blake, who is in NICU…pray that he will fight through this and come out unscathed.

Gorgeous girl, sweet family.


One Response to “Sad Day”

  1. Riley Ussery December 28, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    Rachel ~ Oh how tragic! I read this early this morning and I cannot stop thinking about this family and what has happened and what they have to endure. I don’t know them at all other than what you have posted here and what I have read on their blog, but I will lift them up in prayer. God knows they need Him now more than ever. Wow – so very sad!! I’m so sorry!!

    On another note, in the busyness I didn’t get a chance to comment, but I greatly enjoyed going through all of your posts regarding your “12 Days of Christmas” fun – how neat and special for your family. Thanks for sharing!

    Take care!
    🙂 Riley

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