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Unfinished Business

3 Feb

In a few days my firstborn will turn 4.  4 years old, people!  While I can’t believe she’s grown up so fast, I also can’t really remember life before her.  I know Scott and I had a blast pre-kids…we traveled, hung out on our couch, hung out on our patio, hung out on other people’s patio, slept in on Saturdays, read the paper in bed when we finally woke up, went out for breakfast, went to Happy Hour after work, traveled some more…I mean, I KNOW what I did before kids, but The Reecer just seems like she has been a part of my life forever.  But before I get into a big ol’ blog about Reece, I need to finish Christmas.  I just can’t leave you people hanging.

And even though this blog is finishing up Christmas, it’s still approximately 50% Reece.

As I started typing this blog I couldn’t even remember what we did those last two days of our 12 Days of Christmas project (which totally wiped me out, by the way), but now I remember…

On the Christmas Eve of Christmas, we spread out reindeer food.  We also did much more, like Christmas with the Riddles in Plainview, eating Mexican Stack and watching the whirlwind of package opening with 20 + people.  Then…

On THE day of Christmas, we…sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  And we did, but instead of my plan of singing over cinnamon rolls and getting a start on the day by reminding the girls what Christmas is all about, I think we ended up singing it in the car rushing back to Plainview for more Riddle fun.  Here are some pics…


What in the world did Grandma and Grandpa bring?

Reece only seemed to notice the Barbie...not the large thing the Barbie was sitting in.

Rynn, however, must have known this thing had power.

Watch out, Lubbock!

Reece asked Santa for an American Girl Bitty Twin, material (yes, she’s definitely my child), and a Barbie.

Rynn didn’t really ask for anything, but she got her own Bitty Twin, a diaper caddy (with real life diapers), and a trash can diaper pail.  We’re quite pleased with these gifts since Rynn now uses the newborn diapers to change her babies and Momma doesn’t have to dig Rynn’s own size 5’s out of the kitchen trash can when Rynn finishes changing her little darlings.

We also implemented the ‘3 gifts per child’ idea that are from Mommy and Daddy.  I can’t believe how hard it was to stick with this rule!  While I did stick with it, I went way overboard on stocking stuffers.  Can’t help it…they’re my favorite things.

The girls also got a fantastic dollhouse from Granny, Granddad, and Uncle Landry that they play with daily and love!

Of course, aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts and uncles and many others helped contribute to a wonderland of gifts.  The girls love everything, and Reece will pull something out and say, “I’m gonna play with the (insert toy) that (insert name) got me for Christmas!”  SO glad she is appreciative of her gifts.  Scott, the girls, and myself are so blessed!