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3rd Day

23 Dec


…we wore pj’s all morning, then did a little shopping, then enjoyed Christmas Eve Eve as a fam-i-ly.

PJ morning was wonderful, as always.  Reece, who normally is the one begging for a pj day, actually got out of hers first when she layed out scarves (pretending they were towels), put on her swimsuit, and had some fun at “the beach.”

After starting our Christmas shopping in October, I couldn’t believe I found myself at the mall two days before Christmas.  I blame it on my husband, who is making his gift selection difficult this year.  I ended up with the trusty ol’ Polo, along with a few other things.  Reece acted as my elf and seriously picked out everything I bought.  That girl has pretty good taste!!

Christmas Eve Eve (or Christmas Adam as I’ve heard of late…since Adam came before Eve and all) is kinda special for us.  Scott and I have always had our own little Christmas on this day, and tonight we enjoyed celebrating with the girls as a family before joining the larger Riddle clan tomorrow evening.  In fact, I must go because I now have a date to watch my favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation, now.

Happy Christmas Adam!


On the 4th Day of Christmas…

22 Dec

…with 3 more days to go, we had a blast going to the Tech basketball game with G-pa, G-ma, and aunts, uncles, and cousins from the Riddle side.  Reece and Rynn kept G-pa busy by insisting they sit with him .  I’m not sure he was able to watch any of the game at all. 🙂

We followed it up at bedtime by reading out of Luke 2.  Daddy documented it, just for the sake of the blog.

Reece loves hearing the story of Christ’s birth.  Rynn was a little disappointed there weren’t pictures. 🙂

Here’s a good shot of Rynn attacking her big sis for sitting on her new bed.  There’s nothing like trying to read quite possibly the sweetest Bible story ever while being interrupted by screeches of anger and wails of pain. 🙂

3 more days, y’all!

The Next Few Days of Christmas

22 Dec

One of my favorite things we do in the preschool department is have a birthday party for Jesus.  Preschoolers love birthday parties so much, so what better way to turn the focus of Christmas back to Christ’s birth than with a party for Him!!  Our friend who came and made balloon animals at Rynn’s birthday came to the church and told the story of that sweet night in Bethlehem while designing a manger with hay and baby Jesus to go inside.  The kids loved it!  They then went to their individual classrooms to decorate cookies and sing Happy Birthday.

Reece is holding the elf balloon that each child received from “the balloon lady.”

Later that evening, after Scott mowed the yard and turned on the sprinklers, Reece came running out into the garage with her swimsuit on.  She hadn’t seen a sprinkler in several months and just had to get a little taste of summer…

Now, it wasn’t freezing, but it also wasn’t all that warm.  Nothing could stop that girl though as she ran around for several minutes singing/yelling, “Happy birthday to Jesus, the Son of God!”  Then she went inside for a nice, warm bath. 🙂

On the next day of Christmas (I’ve lost count), we had planned…

…and we really did, but I didn’t take a single picture.  We had a great time hanging out with friends.

We also delivered our cookies to the assisted living facility that sits right behind our house.  In doing so, we found a friend!  Ms. Roan showed us around the facility and her lovely suite.  We’re glad we’ve made friends with someone there!

Reece LOVES to take pictures!!

Then on the next day of Christmas…

…we didn’t do a single thing that was on our paper chain.  Instead, we had a friend over and played, delivered more cheeselogs, enjoyed the warm weather outside, spoke about the wisemen who came to see Jesus, and tried once again (as we do every few months) to have Rynn sleep on the trundle bed instead of her crib.  It was a nightmare getting them stay on their own beds and go to sleep, but in the end Rynn slept on the trundle and Reece slept in her bed (until 5am, that is).  The verdict is still out on whether we’ll make that a permanent sleeping arrangement.  We’re tired! 🙂

Y’all have a great day and stay warm!  I have to figure out what our special activity will be this evening!! 🙂

8th Day of Christmas

18 Dec

I need to preface this post by saying this “little” project is kicking my butt!  I should have added a few more ‘Christmas movie watching’ activities in our countdown chain. 😉

Anyway, we have 7 days till Christmas and we’re on our 8th day of countdown.  Picture me singing (very chipperly), “On the 8th day of Christmas, the Riddle fam-i-ly did this…”

First, the cheese logs needed to be MADE (see, this is what I mean by the seemingly simple task being quite complex)!  Sooooo, let me introduce you to the Riddle Cheese Log Factory:

24 bars of cream cheese, a huge bag of cheddar, 12 packets of Ranch, and several dashes of liquid smoke will yield…
…12 huge cheese balls, which will then be split into three logs and rolled in pecans to make…
…36 cheese logs!!!  Put ’em with some Ritz and they’re ready to go!  Here are the girls, bundled up and ready to go out and make our deliveries.
Reece kept telling our neighbors, “We’re delivering cheese logs and staying up LATE!”
Speaking of Reece, our aspiring ballerina had her debut recital last night.  She had a ball, and even though she was distracted by the audience on several occasions, she really did great. 🙂  The picture quality is bad, but I do have to share…
(She’s in the middle, sitting in her place and waiting to begin.)
(Front row, third from the left.  I’m not sure if she’s the only one on task or the only one not on task. :))
Because of a series of events, starting with me getting approximately 2.5 hours of sleep the night before (Scott didn’t get much more, and neither did Reece), we were running late to the recital; and although I thought about flowers for our ballerina, I decided to forgo the gesture and hope all the other parents forgot too.  No such luck.  The first thing out of Reece’s mouth when I found her class after they danced was, “I didn’t get flowers.”  Ugh!  Bad mom!! I then flat out lied to her and told her only the girls who have been doing this for two years get flowers. Really bad mom! She then proceeded to tell everyone we spoke with about how girls who are in dance two years get flowers.  Hanging-my-head style bad mom!
Sweet Daddy took Reece with him to pick up a few Christmas gifts (and gave strict orders to Reece to not tell me what was bought, by the way), and picked up some flowers for her.  He said she was the happiest girls he has ever seen as she walked out of the market with a bouquet of flowers. That makes this bad mom smile. 🙂
Back to last night…we went out to Vintage after the recital and enjoyed the cool air, some (fake) snow, Christmas music, and a horse drawn carriage ride.
Reece & Daddy on the carriage ride
Mommy & Rynn (taken by Reece with her mad camera skills)
Happy 8th Day of Christmas to you!!  (Oh, and I’m so glad tomorrow’s activity is part of church. :))

10th Day of Christmas

17 Dec

Rynn cutting out our dough:

Step 1 is complete!  Now we just need to deliver them!!