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Bounces and Flutters

29 May

Bounces – Every once in a while Reece will catch Rocky Road laying down. Apparently she sees this as a some sort of free carnival ride and she’ll straddle the poor dog and start bouncing. Each time, Reece catches my attention by gleefully singing as she bounces. Rocky looks at me as if to say, “Ummm, do something!,” then stands up, causing Reece to fall over to the side. One time I saw Reece stay on top of Rocky while she stood, then do a belly flop to the ground. I have tried to take a picture with my camera phone (luckily I purchased a phone with a camera a couple of months ago and it’s okay for a stand-in till we buy a new camera), but the memory was full and by the time I scrolled through to find a picture to erase Rocky had already stood up and Reece had fallen over. Ughh, I think I’ll start begging for a new camera now!

Flutters – I’ve been feeling Baby #2 move for over a week now! It’s so exciting all over again. I guess I thought everything would be old hat this time around, but each time I feel the baby and hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the sweet thing on the screen I get super excited. This pregnancy has flown by. When I was pregnant with Reece I could tell you just how big she was (grape, avocado, softball, etc) and what exactly was developing each week. I was totally consumed. With this pregnancy I’m so busy with Reece that I can hardly keep up. I find myself reading over what has happened in the last month instead of being on top of my current week. So now it’s such a wonderful thing to feel the little being kick while I’m making Reece’s lunch or reading her a book or swinging her outside…it’s a beautiful reminder of what’s to come! Oh, and in just over two weeks we have our ultrasound to see how things are growing and progressing, and to find out the gender of our precious one. The baby’s heartbeat was in the 140’s yesterday at my appointment and two people have had dreams that I’m having a boy (my niece had a dream I was pregnant with two – a boy and a girl, but we’ve ruled that out!!!). I’ve also been sleeping on my right side (I’ve heard that’s an indicator of a boy). Does anyone have any guesses based on these facts?


Reece: The Dog Stalker and Reece’s First Strawberry

4 Apr

I realize I need to post more pictures on this blog of mine (especially when I get calls telling me to do so), so here are some of what has gone on this week:

Stalking Rocky Road
This is nothing new for Reece. She’s been following Rocky around, pulling her hair and ears, poking her in the eye, and stealing her treats for several months now. She even tries to saddle up and go for a ride now. Rocky doesn’t put up a fight at all, and instead lets this little being who has taken over her house have her way. Occasionally Rocky will look up at Scott or me as if to say, “Are you going to do something about her?” Reece is super proud of her dog (in fact, “dog” was her third word, and now most creatures are “dogs”), and giggles and bounces on her knees when she sees her come in the room. Poor Rocky though; the only good thing she gets out of their relationship right now is leftover food that Reece happily throws over the edge of her highchair for her. I know one day they’ll be best buds, especially when Reece can throw the ball far enough for Rocky to run and fetch. Until then, Reece will just be a stalker who occasionally shares her food with Rocky. This pic is of Reece stalking Rocky while she was trying to nap.

Reece’s First Strawberry (not the kind you eat)
What was going to be a quick little wagon ride between supper and bath time turned into putting frozen peas on Reece’s forehead, giving her Tylenol, and holding her tight to console her for several minutes. I was taking Reece around the block where we found the Murphree’s outside, including Reece’s BFF Ella. Of course, Reece wanted out of her wagon so she could play. After a few minutes of visiting and letting the girls play, I announced that it was time to go home and bathe. I put Reece back in her wagon, but continued visiting without buckling Reece up. Next thing I know, Trent was saying, “oh, no” and Reece was flipping out of her wagon. I looked down just in time to see her head hit the concrete (and hear it too – ouch). I picked her up, and after the delayed cry that kids have when they’re scared and/or hurt badly, she screamed like crazy. Now I’ve been around my brother’s kids enough to know that these things happen and kids are resilient and all (Kaleesha is laughing to herself right now), but oh, it just about killed me. I worried about Reece having a concussion all night long and I checked on her several times. Turns out she’s okay, and here’s a pic of her wound (she’s posing as if to say, “ouch,” and I think if she had more hair you might not even see it).


By the way, since we’re entering this stage of bumps, bruises, and scrapes, I went ahead and bought some Care Bears bandages today at Target.