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Anniversary & Babies

9 Aug

Ughhh, I am so far behind! Let me just say the heat of the summer is definitely making this pregnancy a little more challenging, and when Reece naps, I try to nap. Plus, some girls at church told me that facebook is the cool new thing, so I’ve been doing that in the place of blogging. So, this blog is an attempt to catch up a little.


My friend, Robin, just posted a blog about her anniversary, and I was reminded that two weeks have gone by and I haven’t even mentioned mine and Scott’s 6 year anniversary. I really did have big plans for a blog that spoke about my wonderful husband and how I married my best friend and how I love him more now than I ever could have even imagined 6 years ago. As I’m typing this, I’m laughing to myself because early in our marriage we’d go on a trip for our anniversary, get each other thoughtful gifts, and never leave out a card. This year? Well, we did go on a dinner date, but we kinda forgot the cards and didn’t do gifts. It’s ironic what love will do to you! 🙂

I also wanted to scan a wedding picture of us to remind everyone of how hot we were 6 years ago, but that fell by the wayside too. I did some digging into our digital photos though, and here are a few from anniversaries in the past:

Cabo San Lucus 2005

Las Vegas 2006 (pregnant with Reece!)

2007 (dropping Reece off with friends so we could grab a bite)

And here’s a picture of us now, with a bump to possibly explain the lack of excitement surrounding our big day:

2008 (on our way to dinner)

I love you, Scott!


Reece is SUCH a great little mommy (well, except for when she throws a fit and simultaneously throws her baby doll). About two months ago, Reece pulled her baby doll from the bottom of her toy box and started being a mommy to her. Reece says “baby,” signs “baby,” and does everything with baby!!! My cup towels can be found all over the house, as Reece sees them as baby blankets. I promise you the girl can wrap a swaddle ten times better than the nurses in the hospital nursery! I’ve been taking pictures of her new hobby:

bathing baby

feeding baby

Sometimes the only way I can pull Reece away from playing to eat is to tell her it’s time for baby to eat…then she’s all for it.

sharing milk with baby

baby in bed (with plenty of toys, of course)

strolling with baby

Granny saw the need for a stroller during a recent visit.

changing baby’s diaper

Reece found a stash of newborn diapers I keep for my business, and she’s been practicing for when Rynn comes.

swinging baby

While Scott and I were working the nursery at church (and preoccupied with other kiddos), Reece decided just swinging her baby wasn’t enough and had to crawl in with her.

So in several ways, it’s all about baby at our house. Reece knows where Baby Rynn is located, and loves to blow on my belly (zurbert-style) when I ask if she wants to kiss Rynn. Sometimes Reece is sweet enough to rub lotion on my belly (or “Rynn”). My prayer for several months has been that Reece is prepared when Rynn comes.  I think The Lord is trying to tell me everything is going to be okay…


Zoo, Hotel, Friends, & Souvenirs

15 Jul

We had SUCH a great time on our little family vacation to DFW. The whole purpose of our trip was to take Reece to the Fort Worth Zoo, which I have always loved (I even made Scott go with me once when we were dating). For the past several months as I’ve read books with animals to Reece, my excitement over taking her the zoo has grown so much I could hardly contain myself. So she had heard the word “zoo” several times, especially in the last couple of weeks, and she had no clue what I was talking about. Well, Friday morning she got to see what all the hoopla was about and she LOVED it! Here are some pictures from our day at the zoo:

Waving to the giraffes

Looking down at the hippo

Up close with the white tiger

Feeding a bird with a seed stick

Playing in the kids’ activity barn

Riding the carousel

Riding the train with Daddy

I loved the look on her face as she saw all of these different creatures God has made. And now she knows these animals really do exist when we read our books!!

Reece also really loved the hotels (two nights in FW, one in Plano). She would run back and forth across the room. The TV and radio were both at a perfect height for her, so she loved to crank up the volume on the TV, run, turn on the radio, and dance. She certainly didn’t need all of the toys I packed for the hotel (well, besides her baby and bear, of course)! Our first week of swim lessons back home must have really paid off too because my “water-weenie” was now stripping her clothes each time we passed the pool. We took her swimming one evening before bedtime and she loved when her Daddy “threw” (more like dropped) her to me in the pool. She signed “more” over and over.

We also really enjoyed seeing good friends that we don’t see as often as we’d like, including my cousin Rocki with her husband and two kids; Nat-Nat, by BFF from way back when, her husband, two boys and mom; and Scott’s old buddies from the company he was with before Gallagher.

Reece’s souvenirs included a cute little hat from the zoo, along with a giraffe that makes noise. All Scott & I wanted to take home with us was a dozen Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera Bread. We found a Panera Bread on the way out of town Sunday, and ordered our lunch as well. The kid at the register was having a really hard time both communicating and punching things into the computer. When we placed our order they had 7 of our favorite bagels left. By the time we GOT our order, they were down to 4…better than nothing, I guess.

While I’m glad to be back in the LBK (tonight we thanked God for “home”), I’m already missing the family time our short little vacation provided. Life’s just so much more fun when Scott doesn’t have to go to work, and I don’t have to keep house! 🙂 Reece was a true joy and constantly kept us entertained despite being pushed to the limit each day.

One last picture…this one is of Reece entertaining herself on the way home Sunday…by putting Cheez-its in between her toes and wiggling them!

4th Fun

8 Jul

Reece had a fun-filled 4th of July with friends and family. Festivities began Thursday night when we took her to the Vintage Township neighborhood parade. We met up with our friends, The Rush Family, and Reece and Emmie rode around the park in the cutest parade you’ve ever seen.

We then went to Plainview on the 4th and celebrated with family and friends. Reece swam, played tennis, rode in the golf cart, ate watermelon, rode a tricycle (with Grandpa’s help), and more!

Updated Family Photo (minus the belly and Rynn):


24 Jun


This is a link to pictures of the beautiful, healthy baby girl I’m carrying. That’s right, Reece is going to have a little sister! We’re so excited about another sweet little girl coming into our family. While I’m not familiar with the whole sister-sister dynamic (I grew up with two brothers), I’m so excited Reece will have a live-in friend and I’m praying they’ll be the best of friends from the get-go. Scott has said all along that it would be wonderful to have children of the same gender because of the closeness they’ll have!

I’m so glad God gave me an extra week to wonder what we’ll be having. Up until last week I thought Reece would have a little brother to run around with. However, He has really made me think about how special another little girl will be, and this entire week I’ve been thinking about what this little girl will be like and how I’d love to have another. Scott and I have had a name picked for our baby girl for some time now, and I’m so happy we can now call our precious one “Rynn.”

The blessings just keep pouring in!

Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun

Reece was so excited to tell her Dad and Granddad “Happy Father’s Day” that she woke up at 3am to do so. Granddad was in town (while Granny is in Indiana with their other grandchildren) and rocked her for a while, but then I went and got the girl and put her in bed with us after still hearing her on the monitor after an hour. She proceeded to kick her Daddy (and me) the rest of the night in an effort to get comfortable. Finally, at 6:30, she turned on the clock radio and started dancing and clapping. I let Daddy sleep and we went in the living room and watched some Veggie Tales (the only form of “church” we got for the day). So our day has been long, but I’m so happy to have had my husband and Dad here for Father’s Day. Here are some pics (from my new camera…yeah!):

Daddy and (a squirmy) Reece

Granddad and Reece

Daddy swinging Reece

Reece takes after her Mama in that she loves both these men very much. In fact, she’s well on her way to being a big ol’ Daddy’s girl just like me. Things Reece loves about her Daddy include:

  • when he takes her outside to swing, ride in the wagon, or just to survey the yard
  • when he turns into the ‘Kiss Monster!’
  • when he comes home from work – it’s a big production at our house. Mama says, “Daddy’s home!” and Rocky Road and Reece race to the door to greet him. Reece can’t get there fast enough.
  • when he sings “Who’s the Baby that I See?” to her (it’s a Scott Riddle original)
  • when he lets her feed him
  • the list goes on…
I think he’s pretty swell too. I have to admit I was a little concerned about his involvement when he insisted he’d never change a diaper while I was pregnant with Reece. Turns out his daughter softened him quite a bit! And even though he kept forgetting I was pregnant with this baby early on (glad I started showing!), and even though he forgot about our ultrasound, I’m sure this next baby will love him just as much as The Reecer does! 🙂

Our Sweet Granny

2 May

This week our family is gathered around our Granny and loving on her while we still have her on Earth with us. While we’ll rejoice for her when she gets to meet Jesus face to face, there will be a huge void in our family without her here. She has made such an impact on each family member, and she’s a true prayer warrior for each of us. In my eyes, she is truly one of the greatest women to ever live, and I pray I will raise my family with the same values she has done. My sis-in-law has done a fantastic job of putting into words the way so many of us feel about our sweet Granny:

Update on my Granny: She’s hanging in there!  She’s eating well, watching her favorite shows, and greeting visitors with a smile.  Fortunately, her mind is clear and she has a great long-term and short-term memory.  However, her heart is definitely getting weaker each day, and she has opted out of using the oxygen machine Hospice provided.  Although it’s heartbreaking to see her lay in bed at all times (she so desperately wants to get up and cook for each of her visitors), we’re enjoying the visits and her company.  She’s so wonderful at recounting stories from the past, and I will never tire of hearing them.  I love my sweet Granny.

Bright, Sunshiny Day

20 Apr

Today we pulled out Reece’s shorts and sunglasses and enjoyed the 80 degree (with no gusty wind) weather outside. We went to the park where Reece went down the slide multiple times, then came back to the house where Reece enjoyed sitting on the bricks and checking out the flowers. Oh yeah, she thought her sunglasses were pretty hilarious too…and now we have a fun (and recent) new header for our page!