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Whoooo’s having a birthday party?

2 Nov


It’s Rynn Alise!

Between Rynn’s play date party, family BBQ party, and Halloween, we had a very festive weekend!

Rynn had some fellow two-year olds over one morning for a costume party/play date to celebrate her birthday. ¬†We had so much fun playing in the play room, jumping in the bounce house, and watching the “balloon lady” make balloon animals (and much more!) for the party goers.


The birthday girl got a special hula monkey that was big enough to eat her! ūüôā

Over the weekend we celebrated with family and enjoyed some of Daddy’s roadside chicken and sausage, Momma’s beans and spaghetti salad, cupcakes, and homemade buttered pecan ice cream. ¬†We had a blast jumping in the bounce house some more and watching Rynn tear through gifts like a pro.

Reece helping to frost cupcakes and decorate them on sister’s special day.

Reece’s gift to little sis…a latch puzzle (that comes with a free demo)

Rynn loved ALL of her gifts, but our photographer (and Granny) got some good pics of Rynn with her new crawling baby…

Just look at the love she has in her eyes.

Rynn getting ready to blow out her candles (she did it!)

A closer look at Rynn’s birthday plate…

Happy Birthday to you, Rynn!


My baby!

2 Nov

Reece asked me the other day if Rynn is still a baby. ¬†“Well, technically she’s not anymore, but she’s kinda still a baby to me,” was my answer. ¬†Reece just smiled. ¬†Poor thing had no choice but to become a big girl when her baby sister came along just four months shy of her second birthday. ¬†But Rynn…well, she’s my baby!!


She loves to keep up with big sis and all the things she’s into…

…she’s SO funny…

…she’s LOVES food (especially sweets :))…

…and she REALLY loves her big sis!

Our big girl baby is 24 pounds, putting her in the 20th percentile for weight (she’s come a long way from the 0.75 percentile!!) and 34 inches tall, which is in the 80th percentile. ¬†She LOVES her lovey, aka “la-la” and still finds comfort in sucking those middle two fingers. ¬†In fact, the lovey and finger sucking usually go hand in hand…if she’s playing and finds her la-la on the floor, she sticks her fingers in her mouth. ¬†So funny.

When I say she loves to eat, I mean SHE LOVES TO EAT.  She has a hearty appetite that she gets from her momma.  She usually out-eats her big sis each meal (I ordered the three of us a 12 pack of nuggets at Chick-fil-A the other day and she ate 6 of them!!!).

Her personality is so sweet, cute, and funny all at the same time. ¬†She’s pretty laid back, even in the beginning stages of the ‘terrible twos.’ ¬†She’s still quite a momma’s girl, but that’s ok ’cause she’s my baby, remember?!

We are SO extremely blessed by our sweet Rynn Alise and can’t imagine life before she came along. ¬†Here’s the link to the “Welcome Home Rynn” post in October ’08



January ’09…when she found those fingers

Rynn is one!

Rynn at one year.

Sweet, sweet baby.

June bugs

1 Jul

Here’s what our June bugs have been up to this month:

Gymnastics – Reece goes to a class of her own while Rynn and I enjoy a mom & tot class. ¬†Rynn’s favorite thing is the bungee swing. ¬†That’s the first thing she goes to after we do our stretching that consists of singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” while running our fingers down our legs, and doing the butterfly while ducking from things that are flying toward us. ¬†So cute. ¬†She also likes to jump on the trampoline together (with me holding her), which makes for my second workout of the day since I go to the gym right before gymnastics. ¬†I’m pretty much sticky the entire morning. ¬†We then use the mats to practice forward and backward rolls. ¬†I try to sneak peaks at Reece’s class, but I have to keep an eye on Rynn, who bulldozes other kids when they are doing something she wants to do. ¬†Rynn’s like the tiny little dog who thinks she’s super tough. ¬†And watch out because she will bite!! ¬†Watching Rynn go through the ending routine, from the parachute circle to the good-bye song, then the stamp each child gets to the popsicle line is all so much fun. ¬†She toddles to each station with such authority.

Reece enjoys her class with Miss Brandi from church and her friend Ady. ¬†When I do get a chance to peak in on her class, what I see is quite hilarious. ¬†Reece jumps without bending her knees, making her look like a bobble head doll. ¬†I think she may seriously get whiplash before it’s all over. ¬†She’s doing so well and, most importantly, follows directions (anything that reiterates following directions is good for her). ¬†ūüôā

Swim – Reece is also taking swim, for the third year (poor second child Rynn still hasn’t done any kind of swim lessons), but this year she has graduated from the “mom and me” class to on her own. ¬†She’s really improved so much from last year (scroll down to the swim report)¬†when she was one of the children who didn’t participate as much. ¬†Now she does just about anything except jump from the side. ¬†She’s really cute too.

Father’s Day – When I asked Reece what she wanted to do for Daddy for Father’s Day, she said, “I know, I’ll have a tea party for him!” ¬†So on the Saturday before Daddy Day, I helped Reece bake cookies and set the table for her special guest, who was coming back from Albuquerque that day.

Daddy-Daughter Date

Letter of the Day – Before this summer Reece had mastered 6 letters of the alphabet – R, E, C (all in her name), I (easy, it’s just a stick), T (super easy since we’re in Raiderland), S (just ’cause) – but I want her to be able to identify all letters by the end of the summer. ¬†So we have a letter of the day. ¬†I draw the letter on the easel and she traces it. ¬†We then identify that letter on the fridge and on her alphabet puzzle. ¬†My friend Tamara (who also happened to be Reece’s KDO teacher last year) also gave us the great idea of gathering things from around the house that begin with that letter.

“A” is for ant, art box, angel, and apple

“B” is for book, ball popper, bananas, backpack, bus, ball, bowl, and blue

And that’s as far as we’ve gotten. ¬†We’ve skipped a few days.

Rynn has been putting her Mommy skills to use…

And her cleaning skills…

And her dress-up skills…

And her cuteness skills…

We heart summertime.


28 Oct

My blog break has been interrupted by a big event in the Riddle house…our sweet Rynn is ONE!¬† I’m really not sure whether to be excited or sad about the whole situation, but one thing is for sure…I’m loving the stage she is in right now.¬† She is playful, sweet, happy, and curious.¬† As much as I’d love for her to stay a baby, she is truly developing a personality that cracks us up and makes us melt all at the same time.¬† She is such a blessing to our family.

Rynn and big sister are really starting to play together more and more.¬† This playtime also causes a few throw-downs on our living room floor, especially when our sneaky baby snags her sister’s sippy cup (which happens to be a bit of a security item for Reece) to get a swig of some yummy juice!

Rynn’s curiosity has peeked, and when we have to tell her “no,” her little feelings are crushed!¬† And when we take something away from her, the drama that ensues rivals her sister’s theatrical talent.

Most of all though, Rynn is a super laid back, happy, sweet child, whom her Kids Day Out teachers say they want to “clone.”

She’s our sweet baby Rynn, and she’s a wonderful gift from God.


Rynn is one!

Oh, and just in time for her birthday, she has two teeth!

Our 9-Monther

4 Aug

Rynn is now 3/4 of a year old!


In case you can’t tell by the picture, Rynn is tiiiiiiinnnyyyyy!¬† She weighs 14 pounds and 7 ounces and is 26 1/2 inches long.¬† That weight puts her in the first percentile for her age.

Despite being tiny, she is still one healthy, happy girl.¬† She is progressing well and the doctor says she is very strong.¬† She likes to say, “dadadadada,” and she¬† just started saying, “mamama” this week.

She eats a lot of solid food and I just started giving her whole milk to supplement my breastmilk.  She loves yogurt melts, homemade beef casserole, and veggies or applesauce with sprinkles of cinnamon.  She also loves blueberries and bananas.

She’s at the age where she’s into everything. In fact, just as I typed that sentence she dumped a basket of folded laundry onto her head.

Rynn also loves the water!  She climbs into her pool in the backyard, loves to splash in the bathtub, and she really loves to dunk her face in the water.

This girl is definitely proof that good things come in small packages!!


Where’s Rynn?

13 Jul

That’s a question we find ourselves asking a lot these days.¬† The best was when she crawled between the couch and wall (in about 6-8 inches of space) under Scott’s “watch.”¬† We found her when she let out a squeel after seeing me and hearing me ask “Where’s Rynn?”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of her in the “tunnel.”

Here’s what we do have…


playing under our bed with Reece


She has quite possibly learned from Rocky Road that if you sit under Reece while she’s eating, you may get some scraps headed your way.

Today Reece and I came home from Target, and after seeing Scott on the couch and briefly scanning the living room floor without seeing Rynn, I asked, “Where’s Rynn?”¬† Scott’s reply was a finger over his mouth and a quiet “shhhhh.”¬† I looked down and saw the sweetest sleeping beauty…


It seems that she, just like her big sis, isn’t keen on the idea of public napping, so after a long day at church she was worn smooth out!

When she woke up, she wanted to continue lounging a bit with Daddy…


Love. her.

American Sweethearts

6 Jul


IMG_3503 (2)

reece hat

rynn flag

reece flag