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(Bitter) Sweet Relief, Daddy’s Day, Swim Report, Potty World

27 Jun

One morning last summer, I put my ring on like I do every other morning.  Sure, it was a little snug, but I was six months pregnant and had another baby running around, so I really needed people to see the symbol of marriage on my finger.  I guess I felt like I was being judged enough by having a baby on my hip and another on the way.

Anywho, the summer heat coupled with my swelling belly everything made it impossible to take my ring off later that day.  And the next day.  And the next.  A month later I was still wearing my ring.  When I delivered Rynn, the nurses had to put tape over it as they wheeled me in the OR because the sucker wasn’t coming off.  No worries though, because the same thing happened when I was preggo with Reece and it came off within weeks of giving birth.

With Rynn, however, it did not.  I kept thinking that if I could just lose the weight I’ve gained from having two babies within a year and a half (65 lbs gained during each pregnancy, if you must know), then it would come off.  Well, it turns out the weight is coming off slowly, very slowly (hey, I’m okay with that…I just keep thinking, “One day…”), and my tiny size 4 1/2 ring wasn’t budging.  I tried several times to soak my finger in ice water and use Vaseline, but it was STUCK!

I became desperate when:

1.  I realized it had been a whole year since I’ve had it off.

2.  The skin around my ring, including on the other fingers my ring touches, was eroding.

3.  The chlorine from being in the water with Reece was killing me where the erosion was occurring.

4.  General itchiness, pain, and claustrophobia from having the ring so snug around my finger was driving me crazy!

So I turned to Google.  I found a list of ways to get a ring off a swollen (or in my case, just plain fat) finger.  I went with the saran wrap solution.  You simply wrap some plastic wrap as tight as possible around your finger (from the top of the ring, up), then wait until the circulation has been cut from your finger and it turns blue (not what the directions say, but that’s what I did).  Then, pull the ring and the plastic wrap off together.  With Rynn as my audience, I grimaced my way through the ring-ectomy, and………..SWEET RELIEF!  (The “bitter” part in the title is referring to the idea that I would just lose weight and the ring would come off.)

This is my hand after removing a ring that was stuck on my finger for one whole year.  How sad is that indention in my finger, and the torn up skin around it?


In case you’re wondering, I bought a fakey at Target, but I’m really just trying to let my hand heal before putting any ring on.  I don’t care if I get judged.  And I decided that when I finally do lose this baby weight, my reward will be putting on my lovely wedding ring that I already miss.


Am I a bad wife for not posting on Father’s Day or what?!  You wouldn’t think I’m all that bad if you saw all the things Scott got for the occasion.  Actually, I was just making up for skipping a gift on his birthday (What?! It was right after Christmas and I couldn’t think of a single thing to get) and Valentine’s Day (we really don’t exchange gifts then anyway, but I think I did buy myself something).   Let’s just say he really cleaned up.  And he got three cards…one from each of his girls.  I had planned on doing a post, so I asked Reece some questions about her Daddy that day:

What’s your daddy’s name? Cott.

What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Juss go fissin’.

What book do you love Daddy to read to you? Two fiss, Red fiss (that would be One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and it really is fun to watch Scott read it because he cracks up the whole time).

Who loves you? Dad-dy

What do you like Daddy to sing to you? Jesus yoves me.

There were more questions, but Reece was distracted by that point.  She was probably disciplining her babies or something.


Parent-Tot swim was an interesting experience this year.  Reece reeeeally got excited when we talked about going to swim each day.  And she reeeeally loved to tell  her Daddy everything she did afterward.  But during swim, it was touch-and-go.  She experienced just about every emotion I think she could possibly have…from intense fear while walking in knee-deep water to licking my face with glee while practicing her kicks.  From happily singing the songs to biting my cheek when asked if she wanted to go under water.  My wounds from swim also included scratches on my arms, pinch marks on my neck, and a sore head from her yanking on my pony tail, all in her effort to cling to me as best she could.  We were a sight to see.  Sadly, I think she was actually doing better in the water before swim lessons.


She may be a water weenie, but she’s a potty trained water weenie!  That’s right…Reece is a “potty giiiiiiiiirl, in a potty wo0000rld!” This is old news to some, but I have yet to blog about it.


This picture was taken in March when we attempted for one-half day to train her…she was so not ready.  Three months down the road, it just clicked!  She hasn’t worn a diaper in nearly a month now.  Yeah for the potty girl!  Our next step is to break free from the training potty.  She seems to love that thing and insists on using it when we’re home, but I’m so over cleaning the mess!

I realize I didn’t mention Rynn once in this whole post, but that’s because she turns 8 months tomorrow and gets a whole post to herself!!


These are a few of my favorite things…

11 May

…about being a mommy:

1.  hugs with tiny little arms and hands wrapped around my neck

2.  picnics in the park

3.  getting super-excited over seeing an animal (including the Chick-fil-A mascot) on the side of a road because I know my daughter is going to be 100x more excited

4.  having a happy, happy, happy baby

5.  seeing my two girls interact with each other

6.  seeing my husband interact with my two girls

7.  getting to be silly

8.  hearing my daughter ask, “Can I wead you a book, Mommy?”

9.  the rare moments that my toddler and squirmy baby let me cuddle them

10.  cutting Reece’s sandwich into shapes

11. getting so excited in the morning when my girls wake up…you’d think I haven’t seen them for a week

12.  the way Rynn follows me all the way around a room with her eyes

13.  getting a good belly laugh from both of them

14.  when Rynn blows through her lips while eating (messy but too cute!)

15.  watching Reece through the video monitor (when she’s supposed to be sleeping) and seeing all the silly things she does

16.  being amazed over and over at how much my toddler is learning

17.  watching Reece practice the “I love you” sign, then seeing her big smile when she shows me she got it

18.  hearing all the funny interpretations Reece has on certain events/conversations

19.  the way Rynn smiles with her eyes

20.  watching the girls when they’re first exposed to something new

21.  the conversations I now have with my toddler (which does include a lot of negotiating, by the way 🙂 )

22.  the independent characteristic of my firstborn

23.  how my daughters teach me

24.  knowing that small gestures go a looooong way for a toddler and baby

25.  one-on-one time spent with each girl

26.  the way I can sorta understand the relationship of our God with each of us, just by being a parent…and realizing the magnitude of His sacrifice

27.  things coming full circle right before my eyes

28.  umm, coloring!!

29.  getting to teach my toddler

30.  getting to dance right smack in the middle of the day

31.  reading children’s books…they are some of the best books out there!

32.  Reece’s pronunciation of words (i.e. “goomers” for “bloomers”)

Some joys of mommyhood aren’t directly linked to my girls.  For example:

33.  date nights with my hubby…now they aren’t taken for granted so much

34.  girls’ nights  with fellow mommies…there’s just a bond that moms have with one another and so many friendships begin with that

35.  nap time when the house is quiet…allowing reflection and refreshing to take place

Being a Mommy has always been my biggest dream, but I had no idea just how fantastic it would be!

Happy Mommy’s Day to all moms, grandmoms, soon to-be moms, and those who are trying to be a mom.

IMG_3226And thanks to my girls who have made me a Mom!


4 Apr

In today’s time it’s so easy to fast-forward through so many things.  I don’t think there’s a single thing Scott and I watch on live TV besides a sports event.  We always wait for the DVR to record The Office or the news, and begin watching it only after we can fast-forward through the commercials.  Sometimes I’ll reach my hand toward the controls in the car in an attempt to fast-forward the radio, but unfortunately our car doesn’t have a radio DVR.  Sometimes I get impatient when I’m baking a casserole and it doesn’t get warm in the center in the time I think it should, and I end up nuking it for a minute instead of baking it five more.

It’s no wonder that all week long I’ve been thinking, “If only I could fast-forward to next week…”  Maybe then Reece will be back to her sweet, funny, playful self.  Maybe then she won’t be in pain and won’t feel the need to say, “It hurts in my mouth!”  Maybe then she’ll actually eat and regain the weight she’s lost from her already-skinny body (the “mushy food diet” isn’t working so well for her…in our Reecer’s mind, mushy=messy and messy=theendoftheworld).  Maybe then she won’t be completely inconsolable when her sippy cup doesn’t have a diaper on it (yes, that’s right…I said ‘sippy cup’).  Maybe then she won’t scream out at night because one of her ponytails has come out.  Maybe then the codeine will be completely out of her system (we suspect some of her difficult behavior this week can be somewhat attributed to the codeine and not just the pain).

And it’s not just Reece…maybe next week Rynn will sleep through the night again instead of waking up between 2 and 4:00 for a week straight, ready to play.

Maybe then I won’t worry about the parking ticket looming over my head.  Sidenote: Some of you remember my last day of Bible study last semester when I hit a idiot pedestrian as I was leaving.  This semester, on the last day of Bible study, I was running really late because Satan didn’t want me to go (Satan spoke through Reece who tried on 6 pairs of shoes that morning…all of which she insisted were hurting her feet).  I ended up parking in a handicap parking place because, like a idiot frazzled-mom-who-wants-to-park-close-to-the-building-because-I have-to-carry-my-two-small-children-in, I thought they were probably just meant to be reserved for the handicapped on Sundays.  Yes, I really thought that, and now I’m having to pay the hefty price.

Maybe next week I won’t be so exhausted.

Maybe next week I’ll open my eyes to what God is trying to teach me through all of this.

Wait, maybe I shouldn’t fast-forward that part.


25 Jan

I was tagged by my sweet friend Christa on a fun picture game.

Here is what you do:

1. Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
2. Select your 4th picture (no exceptions)!
3. Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger.
4. Tag 4 people (or as many as you want) to do the same!!


February 2008…Reece is being silly while Mom folds clothes.

Wayland, Brittany, Holley, and Jennifer R…tag, you’re it!

Picture Game

22 Aug

Darn me for reading my friend Robin’s blog and therefore being tagged on the picture game. Actually, I thought this would be lots of fun…it’s just that I’m forfeiting my nap by doing this. 🙂 Oh, and the rules state that you can’t clean up before taking any of the pictures. Here goes:

Favorite Destination

Honeymoon resort in Mexico…so the heat doesn’t sound appealing right now (I almost chose Seattle instead), but I think I can handle it in a few years when Scott and I plan to go back.


It took 5 shots to finally get the bump in there.

What the Children are doing

Sleeping (in her big-girl bed), with the bear and the dog that’s as big as she is.

My Closet


Laundry Room

If only it had a sink and a window…maybe one day.

The Kitchen Sink

It’s rare that I’m actually caught with dishes in it. What? I’m serious!

The Refrigerator

Favorite Room in the House

It’s a toss up between the master bedroom and the guest bath. Love them both.

The Bathroom

Favorite Shoes

My super-sexy bronze heels!!! Unfortunately, my ankles just started swelling yesterday so this picture doesn’t do them justice.

Now it’s my turn to tag three people…Kaleesha, Jennifer, and Regina…you’re it!


20 Jun

For those of you who don’t know, I have a little business called titibaby designs in which I make fun baby stuff. I’ve finally set up something online for people to look at, and I’ve included a link on the right (under blogroll). Check it out!


29 Apr

No, it’s not a new Reece word.  It’s a Scott Riddle word and it means “blog dork.”  That’s what he calls me when he sees me reading/writing blogs.  He’s the one checking our stats to see if we’re cool!

Anyway, I need a good term for someone who is addicted to, (he’s even finding pranks to pull on me at this site), and fantasy baseball.  Any suggestions?