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(Bitter) Sweet Relief, Daddy’s Day, Swim Report, Potty World

27 Jun

One morning last summer, I put my ring on like I do every other morning.  Sure, it was a little snug, but I was six months pregnant and had another baby running around, so I really needed people to see the symbol of marriage on my finger.  I guess I felt like I was being judged enough by having a baby on my hip and another on the way.

Anywho, the summer heat coupled with my swelling belly everything made it impossible to take my ring off later that day.  And the next day.  And the next.  A month later I was still wearing my ring.  When I delivered Rynn, the nurses had to put tape over it as they wheeled me in the OR because the sucker wasn’t coming off.  No worries though, because the same thing happened when I was preggo with Reece and it came off within weeks of giving birth.

With Rynn, however, it did not.  I kept thinking that if I could just lose the weight I’ve gained from having two babies within a year and a half (65 lbs gained during each pregnancy, if you must know), then it would come off.  Well, it turns out the weight is coming off slowly, very slowly (hey, I’m okay with that…I just keep thinking, “One day…”), and my tiny size 4 1/2 ring wasn’t budging.  I tried several times to soak my finger in ice water and use Vaseline, but it was STUCK!

I became desperate when:

1.  I realized it had been a whole year since I’ve had it off.

2.  The skin around my ring, including on the other fingers my ring touches, was eroding.

3.  The chlorine from being in the water with Reece was killing me where the erosion was occurring.

4.  General itchiness, pain, and claustrophobia from having the ring so snug around my finger was driving me crazy!

So I turned to Google.  I found a list of ways to get a ring off a swollen (or in my case, just plain fat) finger.  I went with the saran wrap solution.  You simply wrap some plastic wrap as tight as possible around your finger (from the top of the ring, up), then wait until the circulation has been cut from your finger and it turns blue (not what the directions say, but that’s what I did).  Then, pull the ring and the plastic wrap off together.  With Rynn as my audience, I grimaced my way through the ring-ectomy, and………..SWEET RELIEF!  (The “bitter” part in the title is referring to the idea that I would just lose weight and the ring would come off.)

This is my hand after removing a ring that was stuck on my finger for one whole year.  How sad is that indention in my finger, and the torn up skin around it?


In case you’re wondering, I bought a fakey at Target, but I’m really just trying to let my hand heal before putting any ring on.  I don’t care if I get judged.  And I decided that when I finally do lose this baby weight, my reward will be putting on my lovely wedding ring that I already miss.


Am I a bad wife for not posting on Father’s Day or what?!  You wouldn’t think I’m all that bad if you saw all the things Scott got for the occasion.  Actually, I was just making up for skipping a gift on his birthday (What?! It was right after Christmas and I couldn’t think of a single thing to get) and Valentine’s Day (we really don’t exchange gifts then anyway, but I think I did buy myself something).   Let’s just say he really cleaned up.  And he got three cards…one from each of his girls.  I had planned on doing a post, so I asked Reece some questions about her Daddy that day:

What’s your daddy’s name? Cott.

What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Juss go fissin’.

What book do you love Daddy to read to you? Two fiss, Red fiss (that would be One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and it really is fun to watch Scott read it because he cracks up the whole time).

Who loves you? Dad-dy

What do you like Daddy to sing to you? Jesus yoves me.

There were more questions, but Reece was distracted by that point.  She was probably disciplining her babies or something.


Parent-Tot swim was an interesting experience this year.  Reece reeeeally got excited when we talked about going to swim each day.  And she reeeeally loved to tell  her Daddy everything she did afterward.  But during swim, it was touch-and-go.  She experienced just about every emotion I think she could possibly have…from intense fear while walking in knee-deep water to licking my face with glee while practicing her kicks.  From happily singing the songs to biting my cheek when asked if she wanted to go under water.  My wounds from swim also included scratches on my arms, pinch marks on my neck, and a sore head from her yanking on my pony tail, all in her effort to cling to me as best she could.  We were a sight to see.  Sadly, I think she was actually doing better in the water before swim lessons.


She may be a water weenie, but she’s a potty trained water weenie!  That’s right…Reece is a “potty giiiiiiiiirl, in a potty wo0000rld!” This is old news to some, but I have yet to blog about it.


This picture was taken in March when we attempted for one-half day to train her…she was so not ready.  Three months down the road, it just clicked!  She hasn’t worn a diaper in nearly a month now.  Yeah for the potty girl!  Our next step is to break free from the training potty.  She seems to love that thing and insists on using it when we’re home, but I’m so over cleaning the mess!

I realize I didn’t mention Rynn once in this whole post, but that’s because she turns 8 months tomorrow and gets a whole post to herself!!


You and me going fishin in the…

2 May

…playa lake (it’s a fancy name for a duck pond for all you Odessans)

First though; how it all started…Scott went fishing off the coast a couple of weekends ago with several buddies.

img_1931-2It’s a big ‘un (25″ and 12 lbs to be exact).

Reece just insisted that she go fishing with Daddy, even as we were dropping him off at the airport.  He was trying to tell her “bye” as she was stating over and over, “I go fissing wis Daddy.”

Well, she didn’t get to go down to the Gulf, but Daddy did take her to Gander Mountain the following weekend and let her pick out a fishing pole.  She picked the Barbie one, and she and her Daddy have been to the playa lake that’s down the road several times to put it to use.

Rynn and I took a stroll to check out the new fisher-girl one afternoon while they were out there (it’s literally two blocks away).  As we approached the pond I could see Reece perched on Scott’s camo hunting stool with her pole in front of her and her eyes fixed on the water.  I was very impressed.  However, when she saw Rynn and me coming down the path she got a little excited and by the time we reached the water Reece had her line wrapped around anything and everything in a 10 foot radius.  Oops.

img_3184(If you took the grass and the houses out of the picture , it would almost look like you’re at the beach.  Almost.)

While I was down there, Reece gave up on fishing and took to collecting rocks…so the friends who were meeting us at the park to watch her fish instead found Scott and me each with a pole, casting out and reeling in while our child ran around in the field behind us.  I was actually having a really pleasant time (remembering the olden days when Scott and I would sit together on the lake – a real lake – and fish) until all of I sudden I heard, “Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!  I duck!  I duck!”  Reece’s foot was stuck in the mud.  The drama that ensued caused us to pack up the gear and call it a day.

The next day Scott and Reece went back out, but I refrained from going (since I’m such a distraction and all).  I did send Scott out with the camera though.

img_3207Without the “distraction” she did much better and even kept her eyes on the bobber as Scott instructed.  She has learned to reel in her line too.

Seems this is a new “daddy-daughter date,” as they’ve been out several times together now.  Maybe they’ll catch a fish one day. 🙂  When they do, I’m sure Reece’s reaction will be a very blog worthy moment.

Update & Challenge, Tummy Time, and Birthday Wishes

17 Jan

Update on my nephew, Philip:

For those of you who have been praying for my nephew, thank you! He’s actually doing quite well. He takes the shots and finger pricks like a champ! I think it’s Momma who is feeling most of the stress of his diagnosis at this time. From the carb counting and revised method of cooking, to sending her son to school and trusting all of his teachers, the school nurse, etc., plus just finding a “new normal” in the midst of the worry she has over her son’s health…it’s just really hard! Good thing she’s a godly woman who puts her faith in God and trusts that He knows what is best for their family. Please continue praying for them!


Philip will be the big 1-0 on Monday! When I asked him what he’d like for his birthday, he said he just wants people to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes. I thought it’d be fun to put forth a challenge to anyone who reads this blog. So………..

If YOU have diabetes, I’m asking you to donate $50 to help find a cure.

If someone in your FAMILY has diabetes, I’m asking you to donate $30.

If you have a FRIEND with diabetes, I’m asking you to donate $20

Or, if you just want to donate just ’cause, please follow this link to do so…

Philip has also started a blog to journal his life with diabetes:

Nathanael has started a blog too. Check out this awesome writer at…

Tummy Time:

The sweetest/happiest baby in the world works on tummy time:


Happy 29th Birthday to Scott! We celebrated with several friends and crazy amounts of fun at a local dueling piano bar. Good times!

Anniversary & Babies

9 Aug

Ughhh, I am so far behind! Let me just say the heat of the summer is definitely making this pregnancy a little more challenging, and when Reece naps, I try to nap. Plus, some girls at church told me that facebook is the cool new thing, so I’ve been doing that in the place of blogging. So, this blog is an attempt to catch up a little.


My friend, Robin, just posted a blog about her anniversary, and I was reminded that two weeks have gone by and I haven’t even mentioned mine and Scott’s 6 year anniversary. I really did have big plans for a blog that spoke about my wonderful husband and how I married my best friend and how I love him more now than I ever could have even imagined 6 years ago. As I’m typing this, I’m laughing to myself because early in our marriage we’d go on a trip for our anniversary, get each other thoughtful gifts, and never leave out a card. This year? Well, we did go on a dinner date, but we kinda forgot the cards and didn’t do gifts. It’s ironic what love will do to you! 🙂

I also wanted to scan a wedding picture of us to remind everyone of how hot we were 6 years ago, but that fell by the wayside too. I did some digging into our digital photos though, and here are a few from anniversaries in the past:

Cabo San Lucus 2005

Las Vegas 2006 (pregnant with Reece!)

2007 (dropping Reece off with friends so we could grab a bite)

And here’s a picture of us now, with a bump to possibly explain the lack of excitement surrounding our big day:

2008 (on our way to dinner)

I love you, Scott!


Reece is SUCH a great little mommy (well, except for when she throws a fit and simultaneously throws her baby doll). About two months ago, Reece pulled her baby doll from the bottom of her toy box and started being a mommy to her. Reece says “baby,” signs “baby,” and does everything with baby!!! My cup towels can be found all over the house, as Reece sees them as baby blankets. I promise you the girl can wrap a swaddle ten times better than the nurses in the hospital nursery! I’ve been taking pictures of her new hobby:

bathing baby

feeding baby

Sometimes the only way I can pull Reece away from playing to eat is to tell her it’s time for baby to eat…then she’s all for it.

sharing milk with baby

baby in bed (with plenty of toys, of course)

strolling with baby

Granny saw the need for a stroller during a recent visit.

changing baby’s diaper

Reece found a stash of newborn diapers I keep for my business, and she’s been practicing for when Rynn comes.

swinging baby

While Scott and I were working the nursery at church (and preoccupied with other kiddos), Reece decided just swinging her baby wasn’t enough and had to crawl in with her.

So in several ways, it’s all about baby at our house. Reece knows where Baby Rynn is located, and loves to blow on my belly (zurbert-style) when I ask if she wants to kiss Rynn. Sometimes Reece is sweet enough to rub lotion on my belly (or “Rynn”). My prayer for several months has been that Reece is prepared when Rynn comes.  I think The Lord is trying to tell me everything is going to be okay…

Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun

Reece was so excited to tell her Dad and Granddad “Happy Father’s Day” that she woke up at 3am to do so. Granddad was in town (while Granny is in Indiana with their other grandchildren) and rocked her for a while, but then I went and got the girl and put her in bed with us after still hearing her on the monitor after an hour. She proceeded to kick her Daddy (and me) the rest of the night in an effort to get comfortable. Finally, at 6:30, she turned on the clock radio and started dancing and clapping. I let Daddy sleep and we went in the living room and watched some Veggie Tales (the only form of “church” we got for the day). So our day has been long, but I’m so happy to have had my husband and Dad here for Father’s Day. Here are some pics (from my new camera…yeah!):

Daddy and (a squirmy) Reece

Granddad and Reece

Daddy swinging Reece

Reece takes after her Mama in that she loves both these men very much. In fact, she’s well on her way to being a big ol’ Daddy’s girl just like me. Things Reece loves about her Daddy include:

  • when he takes her outside to swing, ride in the wagon, or just to survey the yard
  • when he turns into the ‘Kiss Monster!’
  • when he comes home from work – it’s a big production at our house. Mama says, “Daddy’s home!” and Rocky Road and Reece race to the door to greet him. Reece can’t get there fast enough.
  • when he sings “Who’s the Baby that I See?” to her (it’s a Scott Riddle original)
  • when he lets her feed him
  • the list goes on…
I think he’s pretty swell too. I have to admit I was a little concerned about his involvement when he insisted he’d never change a diaper while I was pregnant with Reece. Turns out his daughter softened him quite a bit! And even though he kept forgetting I was pregnant with this baby early on (glad I started showing!), and even though he forgot about our ultrasound, I’m sure this next baby will love him just as much as The Reecer does! 🙂

VBS & Baby #2

14 Jun


We survived!!! Why is it that 3 hours a day for one week can wear a person (and a little person too) out so much? Reece is taking a nap right now, and if I hadn’t put off all the sewing I need to do all week I’d be right there with her. We did have a blast though. Reece would have been the only walker in the baby class, so she was bumped up to the class full of two year old boys (and only one other girl). After being quite the friendly little girl and kissing all the boys on Monday, she finished the week out by shoving kids who took things from her. So let me ask…is it wrong to rather have my little girl be mean to boys than kissy? She learned so much from the big kids too. One of her teachers said it’s almost like she just figured out she’s big and can do all kinds of things.

As for me, my week with 3 year olds has been delightful. I worked with my friend Christa, and together we laughed at all the funny things they do and say. Each day, right before their parents came, we would go over our Bible story one last time. You know, so they’d remember what they learned when their parents asked. 🙂 Glad I did one day in particular. Our lesson was on Jesus as a healer and how he restored the vision of Bartimaeus. I told them how Jesus is the Great Physician and that He is healer of even our smallest boo-boos. During our refresher, I asked the children what Jesus does. One girl raised her hand and said, “He’s blind!”

Now I’m so glad I waited until July for Reece’s swim lessons. Had I signed up for the other session I had considered, we’d be at the pool every morning for the next two weeks. I think we’re both looking forward to a break!

Baby #2 (along with a little husband-bashing)

Our ultrasound was scheduled for Monday, the 16th. I mentioned to Baby Daddy this week that I may have to get a sitter because the appointment was scheduled right in the middle of Reece’s nap. He replied with, “Oh, I’m going to Borger on Monday for an appointment there.” “Wonderful,” I thought, “especially since I reminded you three months ago to put this appointment on your calendar.” Anyway, due to the doctor going out of town and then a nurse being out, leaving them short-staffed for a few days, I had to delay our appointment for a week. So we’ll have to wait an additional 7 days to see our baby, make sure things are progressing well, and to find out what we’ll be having!!! I guess I should be thankful that my Baby Daddy wants to be at these appointments with me…just looking on the bright side.


29 Apr

No, it’s not a new Reece word.  It’s a Scott Riddle word and it means “blog dork.”  That’s what he calls me when he sees me reading/writing blogs.  He’s the one checking our stats to see if we’re cool!

Anyway, I need a good term for someone who is addicted to, (he’s even finding pranks to pull on me at this site), and fantasy baseball.  Any suggestions?