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30 May

One long title for one long post.

Seven and Sitting

Rynn is seven months old!  She just starting sitting up, but she has already been scooting for a couple of weeks and now she’s rocking back and forth on her knees, ready to crawl (so not fair in my book…why couldn’t I have a sweet, immobile sitter for just a while? 🙂 ).


Sweet thing!

See the brown spit up?  That would be the prunes she eats because of her constipation.  Feeding an already-spitty baby prunes makes for some frustrating clothing changes, laundry pile-ups, and carpet shampooings.

Rynn is still the happiest baby in the world, despite her stomach issues.  She is starting to show her personality more and more.

When we dedicated Rynn at church a few weeks ago, we were asked to provide a statement on what makes our child special.  I said, “She’s the happiest baby in the world, of course. ”  My friend Robin replied, “That’s taken already.”  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Someone thinks their baby is the happiest?!  Instead of sitting the two babies in a room together to have a happy-baby competition, I told Robin how special a relationship Reece and Rynn already have.

Fast forward to the evening of the dedication and, low and behold, we were seated next to the couple who supposedly have the happiest baby.  I joked with the mom about having to think of something else that makes my child unique since they had claimed the happiest baby.  Enter Rynn Alise, who smiled at this mom the entire service and squealed with delight throughout the sermon.  Midway through the service the mom leaned over to me and said, “You really may have the happiest baby.” 


I refrained from lifting my knee, pumping my arm, and shouting, “We won, we won!”  After all, the preacher was in the middle of giving a sermon on raising our children in a God-centered home and I didn’t think it would be appropriate.

Seriously though, she is the happiest baby!

Special Visitor


It’s Ella!

These two girls had a great time playing together.  As Reece would say, “Two gulls hanging out!”

Sweet Treats

While Emily and Ella were here, we took a trip to the local cupcake shop (amazing stuff, by the way!).  Here are two “gulls” hanging out there:

IMG_3265 IMG_3266

Reece eats a cupcake like the icing is ice cream…she licks it up.  She also thinks the cake is a cookie.  So funny.

Speaking of cupcakes…


Couldn’t you just eat her up?!

A few days later we were getting ice cream.  On the side of the building there’s a painted chocolate ice cream cone, so Reece told me she wanted a “bown” one.  What was I thinking?!


And the car seat spectator again…


Sweet Board

In an effort to cut down on fit throwing, meltdowns, clawing, hitting, stomping, biting, and screaming when Reece doesn’t get her way, we created a “sweet board.”  Reece can pick out a sticker to put on it when she’s good during certain times of the day.

IMG_3269 IMG_3270

I’ll let you know how it turns out. 🙂

Swimming & Sliding

First swim of the year came Memorial Day when we enjoyed a lazy day hanging out in our backyard.


I’m excited to report that our “water weenie” from last year now loves the water and has enjoyed playing in her pool several days now.


She even likes sliding into the water, and sometimes does her slide “tricks” (backward, no hands, eyes closed) into the water.



I told y’all she’s happy.

Sunshiny Days

IMG_3311not so sure about the poky green stuff


Reece’s hair is always crazy like this.  She’s boycotting pigtails (probably because she knows how much I love them), and she tries to eat hair clips.  This is the result.

Scrumptious Snack


I don’t think this is the apple that was left outside before lunch and that Reece resumed eating that afternoon, but I could be wrong.

We’re thrilled summer is here.  We spend most of our days outside (the house has stayed clean this past week!), and we’re already falling into the bad habit of letting Reece stay up late.  It’s just so hard to put her in bed when the evenings are so nice here (plus she takes a really good nap the following day).  We have lots of fun stuff planned, so we should have lots to write about, along with a few pictures!


Back from Blog Break

23 Apr

Please excuse my blog break.  Between Reece’s long recovery from her tonsillectomy and two out of town trips, I’m finding it hard to balance my two small children, laundry, work outs, meals, cleaning, sewing, and the list goes on.  I sit down tonight not really knowing what to write about, just knowing that I need to write something so my fans (all two of you) will be pleased! 🙂

I’ll just scroll through some pictures and put some up…that’s always a crowd-pleaser, isn’t it?

Coming soon: Reeceisms…posts devoted to the silly things that come out of our two-year-old’s mouth!

So much to blog!!!

26 Mar

I’m just gonna go in chronological order here…

Life father, like daughter

img_2947Actually, she began using the newspaper as blankets for all her babies.


img_2954Baby girl took advantage of her big sister’s naptime and played in Reece’s swing.

Adorable, isn’t she?

img_2955Yes, the raincoat and my tennis shoes look fab on her, but look at the PIGTAILS!!!!!  Whoo-hoo!

Potty Training

img_2959She shows all the signs of readiness, except for one…she can’t sit still to save her life!  I was lucky to get this picture.

Tummy sleeper

img_2969She now rolls over to sleep on her tummy.  Why does this make me feel like she’s a BIG-GIRL?!

Ady Day

Reece’s good pal came over and spent the day with us.  The two of them had so much fun!!

img_29711snack time

img_2982supposed to be eating lunch…coloring on the floor instead

3 kids under 2 1/2 wasn’t all that bad (luckily, at least one was sleeping most of the time).  There was one chaotic moment when all three were awake…Ady, who is pretty well potty trained, was going potty before nap time.  Reece had given her stage fright all morning long by jumping around and getting in her face each time she sat on the potty, so I think by this time Ady really needed to go!  I sat the potty chair in the hallway, and told Ady to sit there a while to see if anything comes out.  Meanwhile, I notice Miss Rynn has a stinky diaper and I begin changing what turns out to be a blowout.  I can see the potty chair and Ady from the changing table.  As I’m cleaning Rynn, I hear Ady say, “I poo-poo.”  Before I can say anything, Reece has poor Ady’s knees spread open to see for herself.  Reece begins gleefully screaming, “Ady poo-poo’d, Ady poo-poo’d!” as I begin screaming back (still changing Rynn and can’t put her legs down or there’s poo-poo all over the changing table), “Reece, get away from the potty!  Now, Reece!  Get away from the potty!”  I finally get Rynn cleaned up and begin to clean Ady.  I look over at Reece and see that she has her head nearly inside the potty seat checking out the evidence once more.  Again, I go into panic mode and begin shouting at Reece to “GET AWAY FROM THE POTTY!!!”  Luckily, Reece hears my pleas and we avoid a disaster.  Whew.

First storytime

img_2998Rynn loved the book at first…

img_3002…but then she couldn’t take her eyes off of Daddy!

“Mommy, I want to pump.”

Those are the words I kept hearing as I was getting Rynn dressed in my bedroom.  When I walked in my bathroom, Reece was on my stool, trying to attach the tubing to my breast pump onto her nipple.



My older child would cry and say in her best whiney voice, “Messy!,” but Rynn loves a mess.

img_3007The picture doesn’t quite do her mess justice.  All the shiney areas (mouth, hands, arms, legs) are covered with oatmeal.  When you have a child who loves putting her hands in her mouth as much as ours does, you have a child who somehow gets oatmeal ALL OVER HER!

The End.

Please pray for Reece…..her tosillectomy is Friday!!

Pool Play Date

24 May

Today we had a MOPS play date at a local pool. I would love, love, love to post a picture for you of Reece in her cute little surfer girl swimsuit, playing with her Moppett friends, but we had an incident with the camera…more on that in a sec. We started off pretty well. In this pool, there is a large section of water that’s about 4-5 inches deep that kids can sit in and play. Reece loved this. However, with this being her first swim of the season, she was a little clingy when I took her into deeper waters. She didn’t seem to retain anything from last year’s swim lessons where she kicked, reached for toys, and splashed, splashed, splashed. Instead she was clinging to me and didn’t let me pull her an inch away from my body. I put her back on the shallow perch and grabbed my camera to get some pictures of Reece and her buds. I got lots of good ones, by the way. Then, out of nowhere, Reece decided to jump into the deeper water. In the couple of seconds she was under water, she appeared to be sinking and I reacted as best I could by scooping her up with both hands. She was okay and only cried a few seconds, but the camera was not okay and still isn’t (we’re hoping to give it a day, dry it out with the air compressor, and see how it works then, but as Scott mentioned, electronics aren’t meant to be submerged in water. Thanks, my beloved high-tech redneck!) The most important thing, of course, is that The Reecer is okay (so it REALLY wasn’t as bad as it seemed at the time looking back). I quickly got her back in the water so she wouldn’t be fearful of it all season (or life) long and she did great! We’re hoping to bum off our friends that have pool memberships this summer so we can have more fun! 🙂

Cross your fingers…hopefully I’ll have a good update tomorrow that includes a picture!!!

Update: Good news and bad news…The bad news is that my camera is done. The good news is that the memory card was okay and I was able to take it to Walgreens and get a photo CD of the images I hadn’t yet downloaded (is it crazy that I was more concerned about the pictures on my camera than the camera itself?). Another piece of good news is that we researched cameras, and the one most comparable to ours has gone down in price by about $150 over the last year and a half. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of Reece before the camera mishap (the second one is with Reece’s friend Emmie in the spot from which she jumped):

Bright, Sunshiny Day

20 Apr

Today we pulled out Reece’s shorts and sunglasses and enjoyed the 80 degree (with no gusty wind) weather outside. We went to the park where Reece went down the slide multiple times, then came back to the house where Reece enjoyed sitting on the bricks and checking out the flowers. Oh yeah, she thought her sunglasses were pretty hilarious too…and now we have a fun (and recent) new header for our page!


24 Mar

Reece had a very nice 2nd Easter. After church, we ate brunch as a family. Later in the day we had friends over for supper and she got to play with Ella and Reed. In her Easter basket she found plastic eggs which she insisted were “balls,” just as she insists that every animal is a dog right now. Although the weather here was quite cold, she was still able to wear her Easter dress. Our friend commented that she looked like a “Southern Belle.” I’m not bias or anything, but she did look really sweet. 🙂