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R-E-‘anuder’ E-C-E

14 Nov

“Wait, Mom.  I have to write my name,” is what Reece said when I asked her to finish coloring so we could go to Cubbies the other night.  I looked down and….

…she was seriously writing her name!!

I can’t decide if I like the ‘R’ the best, or if it’s the ‘E’ where she went crazy on the horizontal lines (the ‘C’ on the middle row is mine…I showed her where it belonged after she left it out that time, but I think she really had a backward C and connected the last E to it).

So. stinkin. cute.



June bugs

1 Jul

Here’s what our June bugs have been up to this month:

Gymnastics – Reece goes to a class of her own while Rynn and I enjoy a mom & tot class.  Rynn’s favorite thing is the bungee swing.  That’s the first thing she goes to after we do our stretching that consists of singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” while running our fingers down our legs, and doing the butterfly while ducking from things that are flying toward us.  So cute.  She also likes to jump on the trampoline together (with me holding her), which makes for my second workout of the day since I go to the gym right before gymnastics.  I’m pretty much sticky the entire morning.  We then use the mats to practice forward and backward rolls.  I try to sneak peaks at Reece’s class, but I have to keep an eye on Rynn, who bulldozes other kids when they are doing something she wants to do.  Rynn’s like the tiny little dog who thinks she’s super tough.  And watch out because she will bite!!  Watching Rynn go through the ending routine, from the parachute circle to the good-bye song, then the stamp each child gets to the popsicle line is all so much fun.  She toddles to each station with such authority.

Reece enjoys her class with Miss Brandi from church and her friend Ady.  When I do get a chance to peak in on her class, what I see is quite hilarious.  Reece jumps without bending her knees, making her look like a bobble head doll.  I think she may seriously get whiplash before it’s all over.  She’s doing so well and, most importantly, follows directions (anything that reiterates following directions is good for her).  🙂

Swim – Reece is also taking swim, for the third year (poor second child Rynn still hasn’t done any kind of swim lessons), but this year she has graduated from the “mom and me” class to on her own.  She’s really improved so much from last year (scroll down to the swim report) when she was one of the children who didn’t participate as much.  Now she does just about anything except jump from the side.  She’s really cute too.

Father’s Day – When I asked Reece what she wanted to do for Daddy for Father’s Day, she said, “I know, I’ll have a tea party for him!”  So on the Saturday before Daddy Day, I helped Reece bake cookies and set the table for her special guest, who was coming back from Albuquerque that day.

Daddy-Daughter Date

Letter of the Day – Before this summer Reece had mastered 6 letters of the alphabet – R, E, C (all in her name), I (easy, it’s just a stick), T (super easy since we’re in Raiderland), S (just ’cause) – but I want her to be able to identify all letters by the end of the summer.  So we have a letter of the day.  I draw the letter on the easel and she traces it.  We then identify that letter on the fridge and on her alphabet puzzle.  My friend Tamara (who also happened to be Reece’s KDO teacher last year) also gave us the great idea of gathering things from around the house that begin with that letter.

“A” is for ant, art box, angel, and apple

“B” is for book, ball popper, bananas, backpack, bus, ball, bowl, and blue

And that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  We’ve skipped a few days.

Rynn has been putting her Mommy skills to use…

And her cleaning skills…

And her dress-up skills…

And her cuteness skills…

We heart summertime.

Ballet, kinda.

28 Jun

Reece is in ballet.

I pause there because for those of you who know me well, you know I’m not really a ballet-kind-of-girl.  I remember taking ballet for a brief amount of time at Kiddie Kollege (my preschool alma mater), but I suppose it just didn’t tickle my fancy.  The extent of my ballet knowledge comes from doing plie squats at the gym.  Someone correct me on my spelling there…apparently my Mac doesn’t know ballet either.

At this point in Reece’s life, it would be very beneficial to have her Aunt Kaleesha, who was herself a ballerina and taught ballet at her very own studio for a while, live closer.  Maybe she could take Reece to ballet while I take cousin Anna E to play in dirt or something.

Anyway, since ballet is more along the lines of what tickles Reece’s fancy, I enrolled her in a class through the Parks & Recreation department here in town.  For $15 we can experiment and then possibly move on to an actual dance studio if this is indeed what Reece is geared to do.

So this is Reece during her first day when parents were allowed to watch (and when she FINALLY decided to participate):

She’s the one in hot pink with the hideous white shoes.  I was so proud of my $6.50 Wal Mart bargain…until I got to the class and realized she looks like one of those people who wears house shoes out in public.  I mean, those are BAD!

So Reece and her good friend Ady practiced first position, second position, and their step-hop skips together and I thought life was good.  So I was very surprised when I asked Reece what her favorite part of ballet was and I heard, “Nuffin, because I didn’t see any ballet in there.”  Apparently it’s not really ballet without some twirls and whirls.

Week two:  I looked through Anna E’s hand-me-down dance stuff (that I originally thought were still too big for Reece) and found some black shoes that came to us along with some tap dancing shoes and a leotard.  Oh, good…no more slippers in dance class.  Reece was very excited about her new black leotard and shoes and happily entered the dance class ready to participate.

Ady’s mom and I waited by the door since parents aren’t allowed to come in after the first class.  Actually, we were eavesdropping on the class because we’re not so sure about their instructor.  Poor thing…she’s young and it seems she’s never really worked with children before this and doesn’t have much knowledge on how to speak to three year old girls.  She’s not encouraging in the least bit and speaks with an ugly tone.  We spent the 45 minutes of class time debating whether to pull them out of her class.  I decided I’d let Reece decide after class whether she ever wants to come back again.  While Ady’s mom went ahead and spoke to the manager onsite about this issue, I continued to eavesdrop.  It was what Reece said (loud and clear) that made me cringe: “Welllll, this really isn’t ballet,” to which the instructor replied, “Reece, I’ve been in ballet for 18 years so I know a little more than you do.”

Oh Lord.

I open the door at this point so I can be very aware of what is going on in the class.  As they finish up, I notice Reece scurrying to get her shoes, which are off to the side along with another girl’s flip flops.  So I ask Reece as we’re getting in the car if she likes going to the ballet class and whether she likes the instructor, and she answered yes to both questions.  Hmmmm.  Ok.  I then ask why she didn’t wear her new ballet shoes and she says, “Because the teacher didn’t know they were ballet shoes.”


Upon further investigation, I found that they were actually the ballet flats that are ever-so-popular right now, not ballet shoes.  Folks, I wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t know anything about ballet.

When Gee was here later that week, I told her about our shoe dilemma, and she was so sweet to buy Reece some real-life, actual ballet shoes.

Too bad Reece threw a colossal fit right before going to her next class on week 3 and I had no choice but to punish her by not letting her go.

So the saga continues.  I’ll keep you posted on the class-that-is-called-ballet-but-we’re-not-really-sure-what-it-is-or-how-this-teacher-ended-up-with-a-group-of-three-year-old-girls.  All I know is I need to search youtube for the ballet moves the teacher mentioned in her weekly email so I’ll know how to help Reece practice.

That, and begin getting Rynn interested in sports that involves balls.

Two and a half!

5 Sep

Reecer turned 2 1/2 a couple of weeks back.  I thought I’d post some of the things she does now, so that maybe one day I’ll transfer it all to her baby book (along with the first two years of her life). 🙂

  • The girl loves princesses.  I don’t remember ever being into princesses, and I kinda thought if Reece did decide to like princesses it would come around the age of 4 or 5, but not so.  At 2 1/2, if she isn’t being a mommy, Reece is a princess.  Oftentimes she’ll tell me, “I turned into a princess, Mommy” when she wakes up from her nap.  She spins like a princess, calls her daddy a prince, requests princess videos all day long, cries when I don’t buy her a princess item she sees in the store, reads princess books…everything is PRINCESS!  (gag)  I must admit that it’s great to be able to use the whole “Princesses don’t act that way” approach when she isn’t being nice.  And when she’s lallygagging and not moving to the car fast enough, all I have to say is, “Princess Reece, your carriage awaits,” and she’s in the car in a flash.
  • She’s an independent lallygagger.  Not only does she have to do everything herself, but she takes her time and does not like to feel rushed.  Feeling rushed and feeling as though her independence is being compromised causes a major meltdown.  That’s why we’re late everywhere we go.
  • Reece is becoming quite the helper.  She picks stuff up and puts it where it belongs, and she throws trash away without being asked.
  • Reece is so funny, sweet, and pleasant.  I enjoy her company and her two-and-a-half-year-old insight.  And she has a really great, smart sense of humor.
  • When she’s upset, she’s REALLY upset.  Explosive tantrums seem to be our biggest issue with Reece.  Lately, I feel we’re finally seeing some improvements as we “love and logic” her.  Scott gets results with Reece by counting to 5, while I get results by giving her two choices and letting her decide what direction she wants to go.  Taking toys/privileges away also works.  Spankings and time out really just lead to much huger and longer tantrums, but we still use these, as they are effective for getting our point across.  Of course, when we’re in public we focus on avoiding a tantrum at all, so we tend to cater to Reece’s desires then.  Ugh.
  • Reece’s vocabulary is quite large, and she speaks with great clarity.  She likes using words like “constipated” and “disgusting” (even though she uses this one out of context), and phrases like, “Don’t say those words to me” and “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it!”
  • She can count to nine, sing most parts of the ABC’s, draw circles, and identify shapes such as square, triangle, oval.
  • Reece LOVES to pretend…with her dolls, her kitchen, everything.  She acts out scenarios by talking to herself.  It’s hilarious.  Her imagination is so vivid.  She used my exercise bands to make shapes of a boat on the floor the other day, then she sat in her boat and played.  I love watching this.
  • She’s beginning to crawl in our bed if she wakes up during the night.  Scott hates it; I secretly like it.  She’s a snuggle bunny just like me.
  • Reece still loves to read books like they’re going out of style.  We could read all day long.
  • She’s working on peddling her tricycle by herself.
  • The girl could swing all the day long too.
  • She’s becoming a great big sis.  Although she has her bad moments (when Rynn takes a toy or sippy cup from Reece), Reece really looks out for her little sister.
  • Reece is still a great sleeper…she usually sleeps 11 or so hours at night, and takes a good 3 hour nap.
  • She loves to eat: chicken nuggets, waffles, grapes, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apples, grilled cheese sandwiches, apricots, french fries, and more (this isn’t what she is always offered, but is what she will most likely finish eating when given).   She still says no to milk (beginning when she had her tonsil issues), but she loves apple juice and flavored water.
  • She’s in the 95th percentile for height, and has finally reached the 50th percentile for weight in her age group.
  • I love how her mind works.  You can almost see it in action.  And she cracks me up with the way she recalls days by what color of shirt her daddy had on.

I still feel the same way about Reece as I did when we brought her home two and a half years ago, in that every time she sleeps (no matter if bedtime couldn’t arrive soon enough!), I can’t wait till the next time she wakes up.  Love that girl.

IMG_3542 (2)(I really didn’t think I’d ever post this on the internet, but it just sums her up so well!!)

American Sweethearts

6 Jul


IMG_3503 (2)

reece hat

rynn flag

reece flag

(Bitter) Sweet Relief, Daddy’s Day, Swim Report, Potty World

27 Jun

One morning last summer, I put my ring on like I do every other morning.  Sure, it was a little snug, but I was six months pregnant and had another baby running around, so I really needed people to see the symbol of marriage on my finger.  I guess I felt like I was being judged enough by having a baby on my hip and another on the way.

Anywho, the summer heat coupled with my swelling belly everything made it impossible to take my ring off later that day.  And the next day.  And the next.  A month later I was still wearing my ring.  When I delivered Rynn, the nurses had to put tape over it as they wheeled me in the OR because the sucker wasn’t coming off.  No worries though, because the same thing happened when I was preggo with Reece and it came off within weeks of giving birth.

With Rynn, however, it did not.  I kept thinking that if I could just lose the weight I’ve gained from having two babies within a year and a half (65 lbs gained during each pregnancy, if you must know), then it would come off.  Well, it turns out the weight is coming off slowly, very slowly (hey, I’m okay with that…I just keep thinking, “One day…”), and my tiny size 4 1/2 ring wasn’t budging.  I tried several times to soak my finger in ice water and use Vaseline, but it was STUCK!

I became desperate when:

1.  I realized it had been a whole year since I’ve had it off.

2.  The skin around my ring, including on the other fingers my ring touches, was eroding.

3.  The chlorine from being in the water with Reece was killing me where the erosion was occurring.

4.  General itchiness, pain, and claustrophobia from having the ring so snug around my finger was driving me crazy!

So I turned to Google.  I found a list of ways to get a ring off a swollen (or in my case, just plain fat) finger.  I went with the saran wrap solution.  You simply wrap some plastic wrap as tight as possible around your finger (from the top of the ring, up), then wait until the circulation has been cut from your finger and it turns blue (not what the directions say, but that’s what I did).  Then, pull the ring and the plastic wrap off together.  With Rynn as my audience, I grimaced my way through the ring-ectomy, and………..SWEET RELIEF!  (The “bitter” part in the title is referring to the idea that I would just lose weight and the ring would come off.)

This is my hand after removing a ring that was stuck on my finger for one whole year.  How sad is that indention in my finger, and the torn up skin around it?


In case you’re wondering, I bought a fakey at Target, but I’m really just trying to let my hand heal before putting any ring on.  I don’t care if I get judged.  And I decided that when I finally do lose this baby weight, my reward will be putting on my lovely wedding ring that I already miss.


Am I a bad wife for not posting on Father’s Day or what?!  You wouldn’t think I’m all that bad if you saw all the things Scott got for the occasion.  Actually, I was just making up for skipping a gift on his birthday (What?! It was right after Christmas and I couldn’t think of a single thing to get) and Valentine’s Day (we really don’t exchange gifts then anyway, but I think I did buy myself something).   Let’s just say he really cleaned up.  And he got three cards…one from each of his girls.  I had planned on doing a post, so I asked Reece some questions about her Daddy that day:

What’s your daddy’s name? Cott.

What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Juss go fissin’.

What book do you love Daddy to read to you? Two fiss, Red fiss (that would be One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and it really is fun to watch Scott read it because he cracks up the whole time).

Who loves you? Dad-dy

What do you like Daddy to sing to you? Jesus yoves me.

There were more questions, but Reece was distracted by that point.  She was probably disciplining her babies or something.


Parent-Tot swim was an interesting experience this year.  Reece reeeeally got excited when we talked about going to swim each day.  And she reeeeally loved to tell  her Daddy everything she did afterward.  But during swim, it was touch-and-go.  She experienced just about every emotion I think she could possibly have…from intense fear while walking in knee-deep water to licking my face with glee while practicing her kicks.  From happily singing the songs to biting my cheek when asked if she wanted to go under water.  My wounds from swim also included scratches on my arms, pinch marks on my neck, and a sore head from her yanking on my pony tail, all in her effort to cling to me as best she could.  We were a sight to see.  Sadly, I think she was actually doing better in the water before swim lessons.


She may be a water weenie, but she’s a potty trained water weenie!  That’s right…Reece is a “potty giiiiiiiiirl, in a potty wo0000rld!” This is old news to some, but I have yet to blog about it.


This picture was taken in March when we attempted for one-half day to train her…she was so not ready.  Three months down the road, it just clicked!  She hasn’t worn a diaper in nearly a month now.  Yeah for the potty girl!  Our next step is to break free from the training potty.  She seems to love that thing and insists on using it when we’re home, but I’m so over cleaning the mess!

I realize I didn’t mention Rynn once in this whole post, but that’s because she turns 8 months tomorrow and gets a whole post to herself!!

Braids, Baby Blues and Big Browns

10 Jun

I attempted a French braid in Reece’s hair the other day…


I probably won’t do this often:

1.  Because it took FOREVER.  Cartoons don’t seem to do the trick in keeping her still.

2.  The braids looked like mush in a matter of 2 minutes.  The girl is just way too crazy.  And her hair is way too fine.

While we were playing with hair I decided to take her outside and trim her bangs.  This would be her first haircut.  Ever.  And you can hardly tell a difference.  At least I now have a date to mark down in her baby book.


Look who plays together in the bath now…


…it would be my Blue-Eyed Girl and Brown-Eyed Girl.  Both beautiful.