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Bounces and Flutters

29 May

Bounces – Every once in a while Reece will catch Rocky Road laying down. Apparently she sees this as a some sort of free carnival ride and she’ll straddle the poor dog and start bouncing. Each time, Reece catches my attention by gleefully singing as she bounces. Rocky looks at me as if to say, “Ummm, do something!,” then stands up, causing Reece to fall over to the side. One time I saw Reece stay on top of Rocky while she stood, then do a belly flop to the ground. I have tried to take a picture with my camera phone (luckily I purchased a phone with a camera a couple of months ago and it’s okay for a stand-in till we buy a new camera), but the memory was full and by the time I scrolled through to find a picture to erase Rocky had already stood up and Reece had fallen over. Ughh, I think I’ll start begging for a new camera now!

Flutters – I’ve been feeling Baby #2 move for over a week now! It’s so exciting all over again. I guess I thought everything would be old hat this time around, but each time I feel the baby and hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the sweet thing on the screen I get super excited. This pregnancy has flown by. When I was pregnant with Reece I could tell you just how big she was (grape, avocado, softball, etc) and what exactly was developing each week. I was totally consumed. With this pregnancy I’m so busy with Reece that I can hardly keep up. I find myself reading over what has happened in the last month instead of being on top of my current week. So now it’s such a wonderful thing to feel the little being kick while I’m making Reece’s lunch or reading her a book or swinging her outside…it’s a beautiful reminder of what’s to come! Oh, and in just over two weeks we have our ultrasound to see how things are growing and progressing, and to find out the gender of our precious one. The baby’s heartbeat was in the 140’s yesterday at my appointment and two people have had dreams that I’m having a boy (my niece had a dream I was pregnant with two – a boy and a girl, but we’ve ruled that out!!!). I’ve also been sleeping on my right side (I’ve heard that’s an indicator of a boy). Does anyone have any guesses based on these facts?


Pool Play Date

24 May

Today we had a MOPS play date at a local pool. I would love, love, love to post a picture for you of Reece in her cute little surfer girl swimsuit, playing with her Moppett friends, but we had an incident with the camera…more on that in a sec. We started off pretty well. In this pool, there is a large section of water that’s about 4-5 inches deep that kids can sit in and play. Reece loved this. However, with this being her first swim of the season, she was a little clingy when I took her into deeper waters. She didn’t seem to retain anything from last year’s swim lessons where she kicked, reached for toys, and splashed, splashed, splashed. Instead she was clinging to me and didn’t let me pull her an inch away from my body. I put her back on the shallow perch and grabbed my camera to get some pictures of Reece and her buds. I got lots of good ones, by the way. Then, out of nowhere, Reece decided to jump into the deeper water. In the couple of seconds she was under water, she appeared to be sinking and I reacted as best I could by scooping her up with both hands. She was okay and only cried a few seconds, but the camera was not okay and still isn’t (we’re hoping to give it a day, dry it out with the air compressor, and see how it works then, but as Scott mentioned, electronics aren’t meant to be submerged in water. Thanks, my beloved high-tech redneck!) The most important thing, of course, is that The Reecer is okay (so it REALLY wasn’t as bad as it seemed at the time looking back). I quickly got her back in the water so she wouldn’t be fearful of it all season (or life) long and she did great! We’re hoping to bum off our friends that have pool memberships this summer so we can have more fun! 🙂

Cross your fingers…hopefully I’ll have a good update tomorrow that includes a picture!!!

Update: Good news and bad news…The bad news is that my camera is done. The good news is that the memory card was okay and I was able to take it to Walgreens and get a photo CD of the images I hadn’t yet downloaded (is it crazy that I was more concerned about the pictures on my camera than the camera itself?). Another piece of good news is that we researched cameras, and the one most comparable to ours has gone down in price by about $150 over the last year and a half. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of Reece before the camera mishap (the second one is with Reece’s friend Emmie in the spot from which she jumped):

Lost and Found…

20 May

…is Reece’s new game. Sometimes it’s really cute and makes me smile, like when I find one of her squeaky bath toys in a kitchen cabinet next to my pots and pans. Or when I find my potholder inside my crock pot that’s inside the buffet. Other times, I get a little flustered by this game. Like when I couldn’t find the receiver to her monitor that goes in the living room. I looked under couches and other furniture and finally found it sitting on a shelf inside the TV cabinet. Also, we’re down to one phone (from four) and we have no idea where those could be (phones have taken the place of boas and scarves as Reece’s fave thing). Yesterday I searched for a phone all day long and finally found one in the laundry basket. Perhaps the most bewildering “lost” item that I still haven’t found is the foot-tall bottle of Bed Head conditioner that I splurged on a couple of weeks back. With the pump included, it’s probably 14″ and the thing is full! I saw her lugging it/dragging it around the bathroom the other day when I was getting ready, but on Sunday morning when it came time to wash my hair, it was nowhere to be found. Not in the shower, not in the bathtub, not in any of the cabinets, not in my closet (but maybe in Scott’s – it’s too messy to even look through though). I’ve asked her several times if she has seen it, but I get no response. I guess I’ll go buy some Suave to replace it.

Update: FOUND!!! Reece opened a drawer on this little decorative stand I have in the bathroom, and there was my Bed Head (along with one of her balls and some other products she transferred from my other drawers)! I kept asking her where it was and she finally did show me. Sweet girl. No Suave for me! No Suave for me! (No offense to Suave users, but when you have crazy-wild hair like me, it needs all the help it can get…that means high-dollar products.)

Our Sweet Granny

2 May

This week our family is gathered around our Granny and loving on her while we still have her on Earth with us. While we’ll rejoice for her when she gets to meet Jesus face to face, there will be a huge void in our family without her here. She has made such an impact on each family member, and she’s a true prayer warrior for each of us. In my eyes, she is truly one of the greatest women to ever live, and I pray I will raise my family with the same values she has done. My sis-in-law has done a fantastic job of putting into words the way so many of us feel about our sweet Granny:

Update on my Granny: She’s hanging in there!  She’s eating well, watching her favorite shows, and greeting visitors with a smile.  Fortunately, her mind is clear and she has a great long-term and short-term memory.  However, her heart is definitely getting weaker each day, and she has opted out of using the oxygen machine Hospice provided.  Although it’s heartbreaking to see her lay in bed at all times (she so desperately wants to get up and cook for each of her visitors), we’re enjoying the visits and her company.  She’s so wonderful at recounting stories from the past, and I will never tire of hearing them.  I love my sweet Granny.