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Lil’ Red Raider

30 Aug

I took several pictures in an attempt to get one of Reece with her guns up (she thinks it’s a really fast motion), but we did get a few. Cousin Ashlee (“Ash-hee” as Reece says) was here to help, and that’s who Reece was looking at. She also did quite a few dance moves in between, cracking Ash and me up.

1. Apparently thought we said, “Get your bear up.”

2. Praisin’ The Lord

3. Freaking Mommy out

4. Shakin’ it

5. Finally some guns

6 & 7. Doing a little better when she was forced to sit still in her highchair.


Picture Game

22 Aug

Darn me for reading my friend Robin’s blog and therefore being tagged on the picture game. Actually, I thought this would be lots of fun…it’s just that I’m forfeiting my nap by doing this. 🙂 Oh, and the rules state that you can’t clean up before taking any of the pictures. Here goes:

Favorite Destination

Honeymoon resort in Mexico…so the heat doesn’t sound appealing right now (I almost chose Seattle instead), but I think I can handle it in a few years when Scott and I plan to go back.


It took 5 shots to finally get the bump in there.

What the Children are doing

Sleeping (in her big-girl bed), with the bear and the dog that’s as big as she is.

My Closet


Laundry Room

If only it had a sink and a window…maybe one day.

The Kitchen Sink

It’s rare that I’m actually caught with dishes in it. What? I’m serious!

The Refrigerator

Favorite Room in the House

It’s a toss up between the master bedroom and the guest bath. Love them both.

The Bathroom

Favorite Shoes

My super-sexy bronze heels!!! Unfortunately, my ankles just started swelling yesterday so this picture doesn’t do them justice.

Now it’s my turn to tag three people…Kaleesha, Jennifer, and Regina…you’re it!

Anniversary & Babies

9 Aug

Ughhh, I am so far behind! Let me just say the heat of the summer is definitely making this pregnancy a little more challenging, and when Reece naps, I try to nap. Plus, some girls at church told me that facebook is the cool new thing, so I’ve been doing that in the place of blogging. So, this blog is an attempt to catch up a little.


My friend, Robin, just posted a blog about her anniversary, and I was reminded that two weeks have gone by and I haven’t even mentioned mine and Scott’s 6 year anniversary. I really did have big plans for a blog that spoke about my wonderful husband and how I married my best friend and how I love him more now than I ever could have even imagined 6 years ago. As I’m typing this, I’m laughing to myself because early in our marriage we’d go on a trip for our anniversary, get each other thoughtful gifts, and never leave out a card. This year? Well, we did go on a dinner date, but we kinda forgot the cards and didn’t do gifts. It’s ironic what love will do to you! 🙂

I also wanted to scan a wedding picture of us to remind everyone of how hot we were 6 years ago, but that fell by the wayside too. I did some digging into our digital photos though, and here are a few from anniversaries in the past:

Cabo San Lucus 2005

Las Vegas 2006 (pregnant with Reece!)

2007 (dropping Reece off with friends so we could grab a bite)

And here’s a picture of us now, with a bump to possibly explain the lack of excitement surrounding our big day:

2008 (on our way to dinner)

I love you, Scott!


Reece is SUCH a great little mommy (well, except for when she throws a fit and simultaneously throws her baby doll). About two months ago, Reece pulled her baby doll from the bottom of her toy box and started being a mommy to her. Reece says “baby,” signs “baby,” and does everything with baby!!! My cup towels can be found all over the house, as Reece sees them as baby blankets. I promise you the girl can wrap a swaddle ten times better than the nurses in the hospital nursery! I’ve been taking pictures of her new hobby:

bathing baby

feeding baby

Sometimes the only way I can pull Reece away from playing to eat is to tell her it’s time for baby to eat…then she’s all for it.

sharing milk with baby

baby in bed (with plenty of toys, of course)

strolling with baby

Granny saw the need for a stroller during a recent visit.

changing baby’s diaper

Reece found a stash of newborn diapers I keep for my business, and she’s been practicing for when Rynn comes.

swinging baby

While Scott and I were working the nursery at church (and preoccupied with other kiddos), Reece decided just swinging her baby wasn’t enough and had to crawl in with her.

So in several ways, it’s all about baby at our house. Reece knows where Baby Rynn is located, and loves to blow on my belly (zurbert-style) when I ask if she wants to kiss Rynn. Sometimes Reece is sweet enough to rub lotion on my belly (or “Rynn”). My prayer for several months has been that Reece is prepared when Rynn comes.  I think The Lord is trying to tell me everything is going to be okay…