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Guess Who’s Back (back, back), Back Again…

25 May

Not Eminem…ME!  At least I think I’m back.  I said it before on January 7, and it ended up being a cruel, cruel trick played on grandparents and aunts (sorry!).  But now that summer is here and things have already slowed down tremendously, I really think I can do this.

Quick recap on what our fam has been up to the last few months:

Scott – Working hard for his girls, as always!  Traveling a bit more after acquiring some accounts further to the south and west.  Running.  Smoking lots of meat on his new smoker.  Setting aside his grills and other, more labor-intensive smoker, for the easier, no-need-to-shower-after-smoking-all-day Traeger.  He’s loving it, I’m loving it (how easy is it to simply whip up a salad and saute some asparagus to go with the meat of the day?!), and the girls are loving it (lots of outdoor time).  Now our patio grill count is: Charcoal grill – 1, propane grill – 1, old-fashioned smoker – 1, electric smoker – 1.  And he’s not ready to give up any of them.  Hmmm.

Rachel – Working out, working out, working out…I feel like that’s all I do in an effort to lose those last few baby pounds.  Actually, I’ve lost all my Rynn pounds, but I have a few more to shave off that I didn’t get a chance to do after having Reece before getting pregnant again.  That, and my continued part-time work with the church.  And two MOPS groups, which have now come to an end for the summer.

Reece – Pretending, pretending, pretending.  Napping (but only for one hour or she won’t sleep at night!), helping Mom, riding her tricycle, being SO creative, drawing, gliding on her swingset, playing in her pink sand, making play-doh creations, loving going to “school (Parent’s Day Out),” lining up her crayons or chalk in looooong lines after she colors with each one, cracking up her mom and dad…things like that.

Rynn – Keeping up with big sis as best she can, CLIMBING!, swinging, sliding, insisting on walking during family walks (that makes for a long one, folks!), biting/pinching sister when she gets mad, eating whole grapes that she sneaks from sister’s plate and scaring Mom to death, being “Swiper,” as she takes toys right out of her sister’s hands, and cracking up her mom and dad.

So we’ve been busy.  And we’re having lots of fun.  And now I’m gonna try and document all that fun so the girls have PROOF that we actually did fun things together as they grew up. 🙂

We should have lots to blog about this summer with gymnastics (both girls), ballet (Reece), and swim lessons (whoever I can get in this late in the game).

Here’s to summer lovin’!!