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Welcome Home, Rynn!

30 Oct

A big “thank you” to my brother and sister for maintaining updates on Rynn’s birth Monday.  Things sure have flown by since then and we are now home!!  I’m feeling great (approximately 100x better than I did after my c-section with Reece), and being at home as a family is absolutely wonderful!  Reece loves Rynn and seems very pleased to have us all back at home.  Today I was reminded of the day we brought Reece home.  Just 20 months have passed since that day, but it felt like just yesterday.  Knowing that makes me want to cherish every single moment…please remind me of that if I start complaining about late night/early morning feedings!!

Here are a few pictures of bringing Rynn home.  When I figure out how to post video clips, I’ll show you Reece rocking her little sister!!

loaded & ready


daddy-daughter time



27 Oct

Monday is the big day! Be looking for updates and pictures on my sister in law’s blog – (or TEAMThompson on the blogroll). We’re excited to introduce the world to our newest bundle of joy!

These are a few of my favorite things…

8 Oct

…about FALL!

Reece’s Thumbprint Art

my camo cuties

the Apple Butter Festival (with Ady)

the fair (with Reed)

goats at the fair

rabbits at the fair

and of course,

Red Raider Football!!!

Another favorite thing will be Rynn’s Birthday…can’t wait!